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A Collection of Poetry

Dr Umar Azam

Manchester, England, U.K.




My need to write poetry stemmed from a rather competitive aspect of my character: before seeing the advertisement for a poetry contest in the American "fact-is-stranger than fiction" WEEKLY WORLD NEWS {WWN} [of Lantana, Florida, USA] magazine, I had not at all been keen to write poetry. But I thought I would enter the contest [organised by the INTERNATIONAL LIBRARY OF POETRY {ILP} [Owings Mills, Maryland, USA] to see, firstly, just how good my poetry would be judged to be and, secondly, whether I would win any financial prize. So I entered my first ever poem, Tribute to God, for the contest. I was cautious, writing only ten lines out of a permitted maximum of 20. I wrote a religious poem because I considered that, even if entering the competition turned out to be a waste of time, I could still use this poem in my Islamic literature, simply because I personally believed that it had religious merit! But, as it turned out, my poem was adjudged to be a ‘semi-finalist’ and it was selected for publication in the I.L.P.’s anthology, Ballads of Our Lives [2000], as well as for electronic publication in POETRY.COM [http://www.poetry.com/], the internet division of the I.L.P. Encouraged by this success, I began to write and submit to the ILP other poems such as, God Made Love, The Test of Man etc. In the next year -2001- I saw, in consequence, quite a few of my poems selected for publication, and also audio recording, by the I.L.P. So I thank the WWN for giving me the initial idea of my submitting an entry for the competition. To test myself here in the UK, I submitted my poems to many magazines and a handful, such as QUANTUM LEAP [Isle of Bute, Scotland], FIRST TIME [Hastings, Sussex] and THE BLACK MOUNTAIN REVIEW [Ballyclare, Northern Ireland], have promised me publication. So I have convinced myself that my American successes are no fluke!


I am indebted to quite a few pupils/ friends/relatives/professionals for their active encouragement: they told me that my poetry is quite good and that I should write more of it. A close friend, WASEEM HAQUE, felt so confident of my ability to write poetry that, even in the early stages of my poetic work, he was concerned about infringement of my copyright! AHSIN ALI [a sixteen-year old pupil of mine from Burnage High School for Boys, Manchester] laughed till he wept at some lines of my poems, for example, ‘….my very essence begins to quiver….’ [BEJEWELLED BEAUTY]. I recall him laughing hysterically and simultaneously making jerking movements after reading these words! I myself laughed, till tears came out of my own eyes, at his movements and laughter! Several girl pupils helped me too. MISS AZKA BUTT, 14, [Levenshulme High School for Girls, Manchester] found SWEET DREAMS educational and interesting, while MISS SAIRISH BUTT, 16,, and also from Levenshulme High, found ETERNAL LOVE very touching. MISS MARIAM ZULFIQAR, 12, of Whalley Range High School for Girls, Manchester, wanted a full set of all the poems, to show her friends at school.

A few professionals in the field of poetry similarly encouraged me. EMILY PENN [‘THE TEXT’ poetry magazine, Huddersfield] wrote: ‘….I am sure you will have luck with publication’ [7.6.01]. SARAH COLEY, of the Department of English, the University of Liverpool, wrote: ‘…I think you may find it hard to get poetry of this nature published in unspecialised magazines, but I do urge you to continue writing and trying…..Reserved Love is my favourite..because of its assertion of shape and coherence within what is in reality too vast to be comprehended….[your] poems are intelligent as well as loving….[they] remind me of George Herbert’s – which must be a good thing…..’ [22.6.01] STELLA STOCKER, Editor of the No. 90 issue of WEYFARERS [Guildford Poets Press, Surrey] wrote: ‘Try to include more imagery and less abstract words and opinions – let the imagery make your point.’ [25.8.01]

In the family, my younger brother, ZAHEER, patiently [but reluctantly!] listened to my over-enthusiastic readings! He got the feeling that I was using him to motivate myself but he relented! My younger sisters, NAHEED and NAFEES, felt that my poems already looked as if taken from published material, and recommended me to get them published. This was praise indeed, as they hardly ever have a good word for me!

There must be others who directly, or indirectly, helped me with my poetry and I apologise for overlooking them and, moreover, wish to thank them for their valued assistance!


The Holy Quran makes it clear that it is God who created love. To fall in love with a person of the opposite sex is one thing, but this affection must not cause the person who is in love to rebel against his/her family and, more importantly, God Most High. In fact, a person should thank Allah for bestowing this gift of love, and so he/she should become even more religious and God-fearing, as an acknowledgement of gratitude to Allah Most Merciful. Falling in love on Earth is just a sample taste of the magnificent and inconceivable reward a blessed believer can expect from Allah Most Generous in Paradise!











The prayer which follows is a translation of the ISLAMIC WEDDING SERMON. This is the prayer which the Imam, or Maulvi should read to marry the bride and bridegroom to start off their Muslim marriage:


"All praise is due to Allah and we praise Allah and we beseech Allah’s Help and we ask Allah’s Protection and we betake Allah’s Refuge from the evils of our animal life and the bad results of our actions. Whom Allah guides, there is none to misguide him, and whom Allah pleases to lead astray, there is none to guide him, and I bear witness that Muhammed [PBUM] was Allah’s servant and apostle.

O you who believe! Be careful of [your duty to] Allah with the care which is due to Allah and don’t die unless you are Muslim [in faith].

O people! Be careful [of your duty to] your Lord [Allah], who created you from a single being [Adam A.S] and created its mate of the same kind [Eve, or Hawwa R.A.]

and spread from these two many men and women, and be careful of [your duty to] Allah, by Whom you demand one of another your [rights] and [the ties of] relationship; surely Allah ever watches over you.

O you who believe! Be careful of [your duty to] Allah and speak the right word. He will put your deeds into a right state for you and forgive you your faults; and whoever obeys Allah and His Apostle [PBUM], he has indeed achieved mighty success."






1. TRIBUTE TO GOD……………………………………………… 4

2. GOD MADE LOVE………………………………………………. 5

3. THE TEST OF MAN…………………………………………….. 7

4. THE PROOF OF GOD………………………………………….. 8

5. SWEET DREAMS………………………………………………… 9

6. A PRAYER FOR LOVE…………………………………………. 10

7. THE LIGHT OF GOD…………………………………………… 11

8. ETERNAL LOVE…………………………………………………. 12

9. SECRET LOVE…………………………………………………… 13

10. HEART OF STONE……………………………………………… 14

11. LONELY NIGHTS………………………………………………… 15

12. BEJEWELLED BEAUTY………………………………………… 16

13. GOD KNOWS BEST……………………………………………… 17

14. THE COMFORT OF DREAMS…………………………………. 18

15. THE INSTINCT OF LOVE………………………………………. 19

16. LAKE OF TEARS…………………………………………………. 20

17. THE ANGER OF LOVE…………………………………………. 21

18. THE LOVE OF FOOLS…………………………………………. 22

19. THE FRAGRANCE OF LOVE………………………………….. 23

20. THE GIFT OF LOVE…………………………………………….. 24

21. NOBLE LOVE…………………………………………………….. 25

22. RESPECTFUL LOVE…………………………………………… 26

23. TOO SHY TO SPEAK………………………………………….. 27

24. THE TRUTH OF LOVE………………………………………… 28

25. THE KING OF KINGS………………………………………….. 29

26. IMMATERIAL WEALTH……………………………………….. 30

27. FEARFUL LOVE…………………………………………………. 31

28. A HERO TO LOVE………………………………………………. 32

29. RESERVED LOVE………………………………………………. 33

30. THE DIGNITY OF LOVE………………………………………. 34

31. THE UNCERTAINTY OF LOVE………………………………. 35

32. BLUSHING BEAUTY……………………………………………. 36

33. THE GLOW OF LOVE………………………………………….. 37

        34. THE ENABLER ................................................................38

35. REFUGE IN LOVE ........................................................... 40






















O Sovereign, O Holy, O Guide, O Light,

You are my Lord and awesome your Might.

O Generous, O Kind, O Patient, O Great,

Your Glory I adulate.

O Maker, O King, O Strong, O Loving,

We are sinners and You, The Forgiving.

O Giver of Life, O Raiser from Death,

Thanks to You our every breath.

O Just, O Firm, O Wise, O Might,

Grant us, I beg, Eternal delight.


Dr Umar Azam



A mere mortal am I but,

O God, my Lord,

The Best of Creators

Are you.

Adam [*] you made, of clay,

O Maker, O Shaper,

Then Eve [^],

His companion anew.

Of posterity am I,

O Glorious, Perpetual,

But remain,

One half of two.

Admire her I shall,

O Holy, O Pure,

Wherein I see,

Your Skill, Your Light.

Lips of claret, desirable hair,

O Mighty, O Wise,

A radiant presence,

Abundant beauty, a healing sight.



Soothing temper, melodious voice,

O Merciful, O Monarch,

Her nature compassionate,

A loving gaze, blissful delight.


Slender figure, graceful gait,

O Living, O Lasting,

Her sparkling eyes,

Tears of love, attractive and pure.


Equanimity itself,

O Kind, O Generous,

Her nature romantic,

Heart’s yearning, absence of flaw.


Adorable image, pleasing presence,

O Sovereign, Sublime,

Love absolute,

That is for sure.


Dr Umar Azam


[*] Alaihi-Salaam [^] Radhann-Allaha-Salaam
























O Man! Why this doubt,

This obstinate treason?

Declare that God,

Made you for a reason.

Treat you this, fleeting life,

As Eternity?

Death is sure to come,

So that cannot be.

Believe, and work good,

Before you go.

Every second is passing,

Let righteousness flow.

Why are we alive,

The atheists say.

But the prophets showed

The essential way.

Heed, O Man,

This is your test!

Please your Lord

And merit the Best.

Dr Umar Azam









And when I smelt the fragrant flower,

Then did it remind me of His Absolute Power,

To whose Might and Majesty everything yields,

The planets in space and the trees in fields.

‘BE!’ He commands, and there it is,

The secret of creation, as easy as this!

Nature is God and God is Nature,

That is an attribute, a definitive feature.

And in all Eternity the notion persists,

Can’t you see He made what exists?






Dr Umar Azam







5. Sweet Dreams

O God, tonight, I entreat you in prayer,

Show me a reward both immense and fair.

Yours is the Glory, O take my being,

And I have power over none of my seeing.

But Your Mercy has banished my every fear,

And I see a vision so unexpectedly dear.

A sight to soothe the heart and gladden,

How cherished the meeting with that Fair Maiden!


So often am I told that God is Love,

And I witnessed this fact in my journey above.

How pure and dignified and sweet a Creature,

Doubtless His Work in every flawless feature!


And a Palace in Paradise, a Reward so dignified,

But the soul has earned it, so it is justified

You were wont to remember God manifold,

So the Angels have built you your Houses of Gold.


Now the joys of soul suffer a dearth,

The time is nigh to return to Earth,

But don’t you fret at this worldly delay,

Until such pleasures is only a day!

Dr Umar Azam



O eyes, O eyes, do look away,

But you captured her beauty and the image will stay!

You may regret this impulsive rushing,

Or can you prevent these tears now gushing?


O heart, O heart, you shouldn’t be aching,

The night is for sleep not restless waking.

You can’t have her so you are broken,

But so deep a love should never have woken!


O mind, O mind, what passionate desire,

Why the obsession, this ardour, the fire?

Will you pass this God-given life

In all the torment of emotional strife?


O soul, O soul, do come to my aid,

Let me know how her lustre was made.

Ah, your inspiration really has me assured,

The Work is of none but a Merciful Lord!


O Maker, O Fashioner, oh can I have her,

And for this every prayer do I proffer!




Dr Umar Azam







Do you sometimes wonder why this is true,

God you cannot see, but He sees you?

This is a fact but it puzzles you so,

Obvious is the answer, though very few know!


Of the heavens and the Earth is God the Light,

Awesome His Brightness, the quality of Might.

The Power of His Lustre is shielded by Veils,

No vision perceives Him, the sight ever fails!


Think not, therefore, that God is absent,

Nay, He is all around you, The Omnipresent!

Only the very blessed shall ever see His Features,

Priveleged for Radiance, the noblest of all creatures!


Well known it is, you cannot see Him,

The eyes become powerless, the vision somewhat dim.

How would they perceive the Rays so bright

When even the sunshine seems superfluous light?


But nought at all is the light of a star,

The Dazzle of God is Greater by far!

Now you can see why God is invisible :

The Splendour of His Light is Truly Invincible!


Dr Umar Azam







May that moment in time be blessed,

When I first set eyes on you:

Since then my heart has been restless

And the lonely hours I rue.


The dutiful sun rises, and sets again,

The phases of the moon pass by;

The various seasons come and go,

But my love will never die.


How many years I have tarried,

I’ve forgotten how to reckon.

This cruel life has parted you from me:

Your love will never again beckon.


Then I think this world is not Eternal,

Real love is not allowed to start:

Even if you were destined for me,

Death would render us apart.


Avert, O soul, this torment,

Make me suffer never.

Pray to God she’s mine in Heaven,

Then I’ll have her for ever!


Dr Umar Azam





Many a time have I encountered, O Beauty,

Your loving gaze transfixed on me,

But when I reciprocate adoringly,

You would rather not see.

Do you think I have not seen,

The flitting sparkle in your eyes?

But when my own eyes beg for your approval,

I find you in a different guise!

Your lofty dignity restrains you,

From declaring your obvious affection,

But why does your apt femininity suspect,

My superlative expectation?


That I am worthy of your love,

I see from your downcast eyes,

To get you to affirm this love,

Has to be the greatest prize!



I earnestly thank God in High Heaven,

That my beloved exhibits such modesty.

The attraction of her guarded manner,

Is matched only by a doubtless chastity!






Dr Umar Azam






What can I possibly do, O Beloved,

To make you think of me?

Though I treat you as my very own,

How more distant will you be?



When I aspire to seek your company,

You begin to walk away.

When my eyes implore your kindness,

Your anger ruins my day!



My imagination makes me think,

You detest my very sight,

You even refuse to speak to me,

And I remember this at night!



It is the custom of love to be mutual,

Though you abhor to intend to requite,

How much longer before your conscience rebels,

I’ll continue to endure the disquiet!



Seldom is life at all predictable,

As its victims often fail to see,

When God softens your heart of stone,

You’ll find yourself loving me!

Dr Umar Azam






Tonight is the same old story,

A solution I cannot find.

It’s been night for ages now,

And you are in my mind.


The seconds tick on the clock audibly,

The hours are floating by,

My eyes refuse to close in peace,

No point in asking why.


I met you earlier in the day,

When your beauty couldn’t be nearer,

But then your image disappeared again,

And now it can’t be clearer.


My solitude is so overwhelming,

I wish you were here with me,

But, as dark turns to light, and night to day,

You are still impossible to see.


No sleep abides in the eyes,

Begone, O woeful life!

I’ll ask my Lord to make you mine,

And have peace in you, my wife!



Dr Umar Azam








Rose-red rubies, precious pearls,

You have my mind in drunken whirls!

Dazzling diamonds, sparkling silver,

My very essence begins to quiver!


Exquisite emeralds, sapphire rings,

What selfish desire your beauty brings!

Shimmering bangles, glistening necklace,

My soul warns my heart not to be reckless!


Dangling earrings, inexpensive brooches,

It enters my mind to besiege you with smooches!

Adorable anklets, shining hairpins,

Help. O God, my lustful eye sins!


Glimmering choker, garish nail-varnish,

Keep, O self, your emotions in harness!

Splendid bracelet, resplendent pendant,

On your benevolence am I now dependent!


Why, O Bejewelled Beauty, this futile attempt?

It is you, not these riches, that do me tempt!

Be there the absence of an atom of gold,

I would still love you, you ought to be told!



Dr Umar Azam








The heart has suffered calamity,

It heaves great sighs of sorrow,

You are not mine today,

It will be the same tomorrow.


Days, months and years have elapsed,

Since I last saw you.

This span of life is a burden,

The moments of happiness too few.


I see you before my eyes:

And very emphatically your love speaks,

So the moist tears of regret,

Roll down my grieving cheeks.


Some events in a life most rigid,

Are simply not destined to be,

Were they to actually materialise,

A greater regret you would see.


She will never be mine, O God,

And I am destined to suffer unrest,

But such matters are hard to comprehend,

They occur, perhaps, for the best.





Dr Umar Azam






Such are the vicissitudes of life,

We shall never meet again.

But at least we are together in dreams,

That helps to lessen the pain.


I wish to thank Almighty God,

From the very depths of my heart,

Had I not seen you last night,

Even our souls would thirst apart.


You looked at me respectfully,

In a scene from a heavenly life,

Then you combed your luxuriant hair,

We appeared to be man and wife.


I was content in your luscious beauty,

Absolutely no need to pine.

Detracted by your enticing self,

I lost all sense of time.


It really is common knowledge,

Eternal life will be one day,

Though we are separated for now,

It won’t always be that way!



Dr Umar Azam








When in your beauty, O beloved,

I take the luxury to bask,

What need is there for love,

Your surprised eyes seem to ask.


This is not a straightforward question:

How to convey what I feel?

Sufficient it is for now to know,

My emotions are very real!


Enticing is your figure,

Indelible your impression;

Essential is your presence,

Or the onset of depression!


Beguiling is your beauty,

Intelligent your mind;

Most feminine is your manner,

The eager soul’s best find!


Of every species that exists,

Has God made two genders distinct;

If according to one I conform,

This can only be - instinct!


Dr Umar Azam











Were all the tears to be gathered,

That I have shed in the grief of love,

A lake of salt water would form,

Perhaps a quantity above.


At least that’s how my sorrow,

Oft happens to appear to me:

When the neglect gathers in excess,

The lubricated eyes forbid me to see.


It behoves not a man

To become so weak as to weep,

But the touching trigger of your memory,

Is what commands the moisture to seep.


Desire is an obligation

On which the male urge is intent;

Regret is the emotion

That is impossible to prevent.


For each tear am I certain,

Will God Most Gracious reimburse the pain;

If I’m granted you in Paradise,

My tears will not have been in vain.


Dr Umar Azam










Fate last decreed that we meet,

More than fifteen years ago.

But my love is so lasting,

That it only seems yesterday or so.


In the foyer of the University’s library,

Were you very patiently waiting.

But your expectation was not for me:

You didn’t even offer a greeting!


You managed to inflict great hurt,

When you feigned to look away,

After all our divine moments together,

Loyalty did not appear to stay!


But, in hindsight, I cannot blame you,

For by now you were already lawfully wed,

The blessed, God-fearing words of marriage,

In front of witnesses had been said.


Though your manner lacked forbearance,

And in securing any approval I did fail,

I know you did not really despise me:

Your fulgent eyes told another tale!





Dr Umar Azam





God is the Writer of man’s destiny,

He knows what your intention shall be,

Not everything in life is at all certain,

It is only the disobedient ones who want to question.


When your love is lost, you must be patient.

Trust in God, not in rebellion blatant.

If it is not to be, then it is not to be,

There may be a wisdom which you cannot see.


On Earth did God render man to worship Him,

And to test if man will follow his every whim.

When you can have your love no longer,

This is the kind of challenge to make your faith stronger.


Worldly life is but only temporary,

Wait to secure her for all Eternity!

To kill yourself is to offend your Lord:

And to go to Hell you cannot afford.


You have to believe that all is well,

And that you will meet up with another belle.

Man must by the rule of God abide,

It is only fools who commit - suicide!





Dr Umar Azam





Pleasing flower, varied hue,

The beauty of nature reminds me of you!

Spreading forget-me-not, fragile lily,

To compare you to flowers seems so silly!



Showy-white magnolia, delicate daisy,

In recollecting you I become so busy.

Bell-shaped tulip, ruby-red rose,

Flowery fragrance, my passion grows!


Fashionable rhododendron, refreshing violet,

On embracing you my mind is set!

Ornate carnation, velvety pansy,

You’ll find me rather deranged I fancy!


Voluptuous orchid, golden sunflower,

The intensity of lust is given more power!

Spiky yucca, tubular freesia,

More love you’ll get than you need, I fear!


In lush blossom does nature abound,

A hint of love, if you look, is found,

These flowers exhibit a rare beauty,

The delectability of which you are the epitome!


Dr Umar Azam









How precious these items

In the high-street jeweller’s shop,

With a wide enough array of choice,

To make the impressed jaw drop!


A jewel-encrusted watch,

To tell the time in fashion.

A bracelet of loving hearts:

A wanton symbol of passion.


An engraved, diamond-studded bangle,

To adorn the slender wrist;

A shimmering, overpriced necklace,

Which my eyes ought to have missed!


Emphatic, tender earrings,

A design never seen before,

Ruby and platinum and silver rings:

I think I’ll open the door!



These exclusive presents for our anniversary,

Have been as costly as possibly can be.

Even so, my beloved is bound to exclaim,

‘By God, your LOVE is far dearer to me!’


Dr Umar Azam








If you contemplate the Universe, O beloved,

You will comprehend my love so very high:

It is an affection you will cherish

And wish to bring it nigh!


The sun dazzles, unattainably, in a lofty sky,

While the moon beams down her brightness by night.

Admire the splendour of this celestial show,

But declare my love as more radiant you might!


The stars glimmer in the awesome distance

Yet my love is far nearer:

The joy of being among the stars will be yours,

When to you I become much dearer!


The planets in the darkness of space

Circle the sun with tremendous force.

My energy, you’ll see, is just as keen,

When I strive to be accepted as yours!


My love exemplifies pure love

And I consider that God has blessed it so;

My love typifies noble love,

God is far higher, though!


Dr Umar Azam









Before seeing me, O beloved,

Your behaviour is quite normal,

But once aware of my presence,

You become rather formal!


What enters your feminine mind,

To cause this drastic change?

That on you I would make a unique impact,

Seems to me rather strange!


Are you able to explain,

The reason for such reverence?

Is it that you try to hide,

From your very heart my preference?



Your eyes scan me admiringly,

Your face betrays awe.

Your cheeks flush uncomfortably,

And you cannot my presence ignore!



My handsome looks and dignified stature,

In your eyes my profile have raised.

For all my attributes which attract you,

May The Almighty God be praised!


Dr Umar Azam







I converse with you in a friendly manner,

And very patiently you listen,

But why don’t you speak?


Your heart, I’m aware,

Is thumping your ribs,

But am I a monster or freak?


You don’t wish to speak,

Your shyness is your inhibition,

But think of me as your very own!


Part those lips and use that tongue,

Of what you have to say,

Very fond have I grown!


When in love, take heed,

Learn not to fear:

Think not of me as a stranger!


Remember that God intended you

To use your nightingale voice!

Speak- there’s no danger!

Dr Umar Azam









The fulgent eyes bear testimony,

So too does an endearing gaze.

Your tongue will not testify,

But for how many more days?


The lips cannot be trusted,

To exemplify absolute veracity:

To declare an axiomatic affection,

How would they appropriate temerity?


The arms cannot be relied upon,

To embrace my avid form,

Nor your face to draw close to mine,

Which of love is the established norm!


‘Always tell the truth!’

Has God commanded,

So why this inhibiting confutation,

My love has now demanded?


Refute not the obvious, O beloved,

Conceal not each candid trace,

You predilection is so destined,

Affirm it with an apathetic grace!


Dr Umar Azam









The leading lights of Earthly history,

Urging their troops to glorious victory,

Massive loyalty theirs to be won,

Until, that is, The French Revolution!

Human queens and human kings,

The rule of law to their subjects bring.

Conditioned by assent to command and lead,

Their regal thrones are what their nations need!

Not divine but merely mortal are they,

Not entirely powerful, so as to say!

Fragmented as they are by such diversity,

How could any one command all authority?

Such mortal frailties don’t satisfy you,

So the soul begins its search for a Sovereign True,

At whose Word the mountains yield and crumble,

The mighty ones would quiver and the stars turn humble.

Shall I tell you of an actual King,

Whose Name, once mentioned, Awe does bring?

Very clear it is, so why should I lie,

The King of Kings is my God Most High!


Dr Umar Azam







Why, O Man, this lofty pride?

Shall wealth with you for ever abide?

Irrelevant it is in the eyes of your Lord,

Whether you’re poor, or much can afford!


Earthly riches mustn’t make you vain,

For to God you will your deeds explain.

If you’re poor and proud that’s even worse,

Think not of power but of religion first.


Worldly hoards aren’t vital at all,

And to believe otherwise will lead to your fall!

Money carries blessings when in charity spent,

Avarice must not your generosity prevent.


Your noble deeds mean riches infinite,

To use perpetually in a Heaven Ultimate!

Platters of Gold and Garments of Silk,

Rivers of Water, Wine, Honey and Milk.


Lofty Castles of Silver and Gold,

Clouds Raining Jewels and Riches untold!

Has your mind ever managed to consider this thought:

Whatever is in Paradise can never be bought!

Dr Umar Azam








It crosses my mind, O beloved,

To kiss your sanguine lips,

And to opportunely wrap an arm

Around your shapely hips!


The heart fills with want

To stroke your textured hair,

And to leave the mark of a bite of love

On a tender skin so fair!


May I yield to the irresistable urge

To stifle you with my presence;

To dwell so eagerly in your beauty

That your whole world is my essence?


The soul plans a vendetta

To make you mine tonight.

God forbid that it should be,

Without marriage, it isn’t right!


And your fixated look forewarns,

I’m ensnared in a wishful flap:

To carry out my animal yen

Is to experience a resounding slap!


Dr. Umar Azam











God is The Glorious- The Omnipotent- O beloved,

And a mere mortal am I.

Your glances, blandishments, revere me as,

Both mighty and high.


But why these admiring looks,

Such an inspiring stare?

To think that I am so strong,

I would not dare!


Has any man ever obliterated

The suffering of misfortunates at all?

Or commanded the Earth to happiness

By uniting it with a single call?


Has any man ever accomplished

The effacement of poverty in the world?

Ensured that no-one is ever famished,

And that the banner of compassion is unfurled?



Much is there beyond my eager reach,

But to plead to my God I shall try.

Let not your heart hence misapprehend,

More powerless than you think am I!


Dr Umar Azam










Modesty, O beloved, has its limit:

No need to be so reticent.

My ears seek adulation

But your nonchalance is persistent!


You fight against your very nature,

An enemy to my desire.

Lift all artificial restrictions:

Accord fire with fire!


In this world has God created,

A stark, symmetrical dichotomy:

Scorching sun, luminous moon,

Humble earth and lofty canopy!


Amorous male, cherished female,

Pastel day and murky night.

Noble good, devilish bad,

Plunging darkness and comforting light!


Of many a concept in life,

Are there the versions two:

It is not your abhorrence I crave

But the words: ‘I love you!’


Dr Umar Azam












You have fallen in love with me and,

O beloved, I rate your loving style!

The whole world may not appreciate it,

But I recognise it all the while!


No clasping my hand in public,

Nor vulgar thoughts in a poisoned mind;

No showing the passers-by an artificial kiss,

Not a vain, ostentatious thought do I find!


No hugging each other on the footpath,

Nor the merriment of false, raucous laughter.

No seeking my admiration by mocking others,

And then heartlessly applauding after!


No loud reference to ‘Darling!’ in public,

Nor the scene of a row for others’ entertainment!

Nor, indeed, making up for spectators’ benefit -

Especially when there had been no loss of temperament!


Two types of love, in this world, you are likely to see:

The one to show others, superficially glorified;

But my beloved and I make obeisance to God,

Ours -true love- is so dignified!


Dr Umar Azam











Today, my beloved,, I feel,

So very exceedingly fortunate.

Your young, glitter- nail-varnished fingers

Look worthy of being kissed, delicate!


Your fresh, adorable face,

Has a wholesome look of radiant beauty.

But, as I usurp the charms of your innocent form,

I tread on an ominous feeling of tragedy!


These weekly meetings together,

Are some of the best moments in my life.

But we meet each other for work:

Will you ever become my wife?


The mind drowns in a sea of doubt,

When I think of marriage to you!

The sun would surely rise from the west,

Before this could ever be true!


My God, The Omnipotent Sovereign,

Is entrusted with all my allocated days.

Of course regret will abide when you are gone,

But I confide in His ways!


Dr Umar Azam









The Most High has made you of exceptional clay,

And it gladdens my heart on your beauty to prey!

I would rather do my work surreptitiously,

But once or twice you have caught me rather unexpectedly!


My leering has had the effect of panicky embarrassment,

Though, for me, a source of essential enjoyment!

I’m sure I heard an inaudible gasp!

And you half expected me your hand to clasp!


Your cheeks begin to turn a reddish pink

And your eyes begin to rapidly blink!

Your breath begins to gather speed

And you begin to walk away very fast indeed!


You toss to one side your pretty head,

Thinking I have your rejection read!

Then you turn your back towards my eager face,

So my eyes can’t meet yours at any place!


Cringe, O loved one, as much as you wish!

But try to contemplate logically this:

To benefit from entirely from my raging passion,

You must not be shy in this blushing fashion!


Dr Umar Azam









At what I say, please feel no offence,

Lest I be left without adequate defence!

When not in love, your face was plain,

But now it should be admired again and again!


You did not care to be attractively dressed,

But to look at you now is to get so impressed!

No thoughts in your mind to varnish your fingers,

Now at your nails my gaze always lingers!


There was the absence in the hair of an elaborate style,

Now to stop ogling it takes quite a while!

By the way, that’s how I like it done:

Part braided hair and part rounded bun!


Your posture was slack but now it is rigid -

Only in pretence is it at all very frigid!

You move with caution, as if being observed;

It’s true: your image, in my eyes, is now being preserved!


But the most drastic change has been in your face:

No absence of light in any little space!

God created your face, as I very well know,

But it is my love which has given you your luminous glow!


Dr Umar Azam











The tumults of this life have often,

Besieged my very essence.

But, O God, what has sustained me throughout,

Is to know of Your nearby Presence.


The cares of this world have often

Caused the very simplicity of life to creak.

The heaving of a ship in a tempest

Is the metaphor of which I speak.


Hurt has caused me to weep

Tears as fragile as bubbles,

Like unto the drops of light rain,

Bursting on a vast ocean of troubles.


Fear pervaded my heart

Like in music a discordant note.

Its sound assailed my very spirit:

And great trepidation in life it wrote.

Suffering the sour wrath of envy

By the betrayal of both family and friends,

I felt as the one chewing a bitter fruit

But how sweet it is he pretends!


Creeping, abstract anxiety

Then inflicted its mental pain.

Caught in a disaster of drought,

I thirst for a mere drop of rain.




Even as happy an emotion as love

Didn’t allow any comfort to stay!

Forced to forsake the love of my life,

I saw the platter of riches turned away.


The stain of illness then made its mark,

On my anatomy its scourge its mischief.

I was transformed from a thriving, green shrub

To vegetation of feeble, yellow leaf.


The trauma of hardship arrived,

Not a coin in my pocket to spend!

I felt as one with inadequate raiment,

But who has with the cold to contend.


If you throw at me, O Life, more torment,

The Enabler will enable me to resist!

He is the One to whom I turn for solace,

And in Him shall my faith aye persist!



Dr Umar Azam























The darkened sky cast its ominous shadow,

A world enclosed in its furtive cloak.

Thick troops of pitch cloud massed in the ranks,

And in your breast a pleading terror woke!


Silvery streaks lit an eerie gloom,

Then a deafening thunderclap hard on the ears!

I gasped out loud at that sudden lapse,

When you grasped my form to release your fears!


Embrace tightly, O beloved, if that will help,

No need the road to horror to tread.

While there’s yet breath in my keen body,

I shall protect, my intention said!


Let the savage wind howl and the sleeting rain lash,

Far distant are they from my sheltering love.

Let the booming thunder roll and the snatching lightning flash,

There is lust on the ground, may the havoc wreak above!


Let the warring clouds clash in the lofty sky,

With their sparks of electricity well in excess.

Let our glances converge far below on the ground,

The niche of love, a convenient recess!


Can the fragile windows resist the torrential rain:

We both cast eyes on a pervading gloom.

But can I withstand your hearkening love:

In moments of panic does love often bloom?


Your gentle arms encopass my sturdy neck,

While your fragrant breath cools my flushing cheeks,

Your face confronts mine in a senseless lull,

How I pray the tempest persists for weeks and weeks!



The soothing glow of the radiant fire:

How stark a contrast to the raging gale!

How tender your look in the strength of my arms,

While your slumbering beauty my desire hails!


Oblivious you are to the vengeful storm outside,

A living doll consenting to my cajoling presence.

Thunder and lightning, rain and wind:

You neglect their existence in a state lacking sense!


For this unexpected beneficial mishap,

My heart gives thanks to a God Most High,

Were it not for the intensity of the very nature He created,

Your love tonight would not have fled nigh!



Dr Umar Azam