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Biographical Timeline of Dr Umar Azam
Note:  All the work by Dr Umar Azam can be read on www.dr-umar-azam.com However, most of the publications mentioned below are available on paper and in original form at, amongst others, the following Libraries in the UK:  The John Rylands University of Manchester; The Bodleian Library, Oxford; Cambridge University Library; The University of London [SOAS, LSE, Institute of Education]; The University of Edinburgh; The University of Glasgow; The British Library, London; The National Libraries of Scotland and of Wales; Trinity College, Dublin.  Dr Azam’s work may also be in: The Library of Congress, USA; The National Library of Russia; Sydney University Library, Australia; The Library of the University of Cape Town, South Africa;  Biblioteca Colcultura, Colombia; Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin; Punjab University Library, Pakistan, as well as various other major libraries all over the world.  Looking at these typescripts may be of interest from the viewpoint of fairly recent history, beginning in 1984! 
19 August 1961   Born in Multan, West Pakistan
December 1966  Arrival in Manchester, UK
December 1966 – July 1972  St Agnes C/E Primary School, Manchester
September 1972 – June 1979  Manchester Central High School for Boys [10 ‘O’ Levels, 2 ‘A’ Levels]
October 1979 – June 1982   B.A.[Honours] University of Manchester [Combined Studies: History, Government and Sociology, Class II.II]
October 1982-June 1983    M.Ed University of Manchester [Failed]
September 1983 – April 1984   PGCE Manchester Polytechnic [Dropped out]
May 1984 -   Part-time, Private Tutor in School Subjects esp. Maths and English
1984  Prayers in Islam
          The British Muslims,
          Selected Verses from the Quran                   [Typescripts]
1986   Dreams in Islam [Typescript]
1990   Rushdie’s Satanic Verses : An Islamic Response [Essay]
1991  Ph.D [ULC, California, USA] (Awarded for research Dreams in Islam)
1992   Dreams in Islam, Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, [ISBN 08059 32526]
1995   Practical Islamic Advice [Typescript]
1997  Vision of Paradise by Zaheer Azam, [Ed. By Dr Umar Azam], Malik Sirajuddin & Sons, Lahore, Pakistan
1997   The Philosophy of Islam [Essay]
1998  Political Documents: Iraq [February]
                                       Kashmir [March]
          Diploma of Freelance Journalism, Morris College of Journalism [Merit], Surrey, UK
2000   Political Documents: Bosnia
           Diploma in Internet Marketing, The Maple Academy, London, UK
2001   Poetry: In Awe of God [A collection of religious and romantic poetry] Poems published by specialist publishers e.g. www.poetry.com ; www.blackmountainpoetryreview.com ; www.forwardpress.co.uk
          Website www.dr-umar-azam.com set up.  This Web Site has received more than thirty Website Awards from various countries of the world to date.
2002   Dreams of Reward in Paradise
2003   Dreams of Power and Strength [January]
            Romantic Dreams [January]
            Palestine [March]
           A Letter to Non-Muslims [March]
           Islamic Archival Work [March]
           Dreams of Honours [April]
           Dreams of Knowledge and Scholarship        [April]
           Islam and the Younger Generation [May]
           Political Dreams [May]
           Guestbook Archive [Ed.] [May]
          Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts, London, UK
2004   Dreams of Career [March]
          Science versus Religion? [March]
           Dreams of Travel [May]
            Prayers in Islam [Internet Edition] [October]
            Dreams of Science [October]
             Fellowship of the Royal Scottish Society of Arts, Edinburgh, UK
2005       Selected Islamic Correspondence [Ed.] [May]
              Dreams of Opulence [July]
              The Significance of Dreams [August]
              Nominated for Membership of the International Who's Who Historical Society, Washington D.C., USA
2006    Biographical Timeline of Dr Umar Azam