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Manchester, UK

MARCH 2003


Dear Non-Muslim,

Islamic organisations constantly receive enquiries from non-Muslims stating that they [the latter] are considering whether to convert* to Islam, or confirming that they have already decided to convert, and asking what their next step should be.  This paper is intended as a guide to such prospective Muslims; it is not intended as a propagative exhortation to pressurise non-Muslims to convert to Islam against their will.

Millions, of non-Muslims the world over have already converted to Islam, out of their own free will, without duress of any kind, over the 1,424 years of Islam's history.  So, if you do convert, you will be joining a multitude of fortunate people!

Most non-Muslims convert to Islam after being profoundly convinced of the truth by the Holy Quran.  So please read the English meaning of the Holy Quran, or the translation of whichever language you use: Spanish, Swaheli, German, Mandarin Chinese etc.

If you are thinking of converting to Islam but are feeling apprehensive, it's a good idea to get advice from those Muslims who were themselves formerly non-Muslims.  Once you have decided to convert to Islam, all you need to do is to go to a Mosque or Islamic Centre and you will be welcomed with open arms.  When you convert, you first need to take a bath and then declare the following [it is in Arabic]:


                            There is no god except Allah and Mohammed [PBUM] is the Messenger of Allah

And you will have become a Muslim!  After that, all you do is to follow the rules of Islam with all your heart, that's it - it's so simple!  There is no compulsion or obligation for non-Muslims to convert to Islam: the Holy Quran makes this absolutely clear.  But believers are urged to preach Islam to non-Muslims with 'a beautiful preaching'.  If, as a non-Muslim, you become convinced that upon converting you will, Insha'Allah [by the Will of God] be saved from the Eternal Fire of Hell, then no other decision you make in your life can be as important!

Here are some points a Muslim in the Mosque or Islamic Centre would make to a non-Muslim to help him/her in his/her decision to become a Muslim:

 Whoever you are, you are my ultimately my brother or sister because all mankind is descended from Adam and Eve [May Allah Bless them].  So your race, nationality, status etc. are of no particular concern to me or any other Muslim. 

  Because you are my brother/sister, I care for you.  So I don't want Hell to be your destination after death.  I want God to be kind to you.  I want you to go to Paradise.  Do become a Muslim.  Islam will give you Paradise.

 We live in a temporary world.  It is temporary because there is no guarantee of life.  Death can come at any time. 

 Be a Muslim at the time of your death.  When you convert, you will be forgiven all the sins you accumulated while you were a non-Muslim.  Then when death does come, you will be in a much stronger position to be forgiven  the sins you accumulated after becoming a Muslim and will, Insha'Allah, be Blessed on the Day of Judgement. 

 Do not allow anti-Islamic propaganda to beguile you.  Islam is a religion of peace and love.  Do not let your family and friends, if they disapprove of you converting to Islam, become a barrier to your destiny.  Your loyalty to your Creator ought to be greater than to those you love [indeed God is the Maker of such relationships].  No soul can bear your burden on the Day of Judgement, so it is your decision alone.  Moreover, you will be alone in your grave, so your family and friends won't be able to help you if you die in disbelief.

 The most I can do for you is to tell you what is true: that if you decide to believe, you will gain Salvation and Eternal Bliss.  The most I can do is to tell you so.  The final decision as to whether you should convert or not is in your hands.  I pray that God be your Guide and Mercy.

Dr Umar Azam

   * A more fashionable word nowadays is to 'revert': 'revert' is the word presumably used because everyone is born a Muslim but afterwards he/she may follow on into another religion.  If he/she becomes a believer later on in life, this is an example of reversion.  I have, however, decided to remain loyal to the old-fashioned 'convert' because 'convert' does mean to change one thing [in this case, one's religion] into something else.