Compiled by: Umar Azam

Manchester, England, UK





Why did I write this book?

Firstly, in Britain today there are about 1-11/2 million Muslims it is therefore imperative for white Britons* to know something about their religion, which has here been presented in a more interesting way than in other textbooks. Moreover, and this is related to the first point, some white Britons are unnecessarily ideologically suspicious of British Muslims this may be due to ignorance. Finally, many white Britons are puzzled by the different customs and values of these British Muslims this book will locate the origin and nature of these.

I am grateful to Diwan Press, Norwich; Sh. Mohammed Ashraf (Publishers); the Dini Book Depot; the Liberal Arts Press Inc. and the Islamic Foundation for kind permission to reproduce copyright material.

* The distinction between white Britons and (brown) British Muslims is a temporary functional one, for the sake of discussion in this book. (There are many white Muslims from the English population in Britain today).

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