Dreams in Islam

Section 2:

The Islamic Dreams



Thursday night, 10th October 1985


Mr. G saw Mr. X.'s wife in the next world. She had black and golden hair, greenish eyes and rosy cheeks. She was wearing a pearl necklace and long blue earrings.1


She was standing near the River of Milk2 and was dipping a golden glass into the river, and then drinking the milk. Mr. X.’s wife was wearing more necklaces underneath this pearl necklace, but Mr. G. could not see them—he could only see their chains (the other necklaces were being covered by the pearl necklace).

CONTEXT OF DREAM NO. 2-MR. D.'s DREAM. While teaching Mr. D. one day, Mr. X. was conversing with this pupil about a local businessman. Mr. D. expressed his awe at the wealth of the businessman, Mr. S. He told Mr. X: "Mr. S. is a millionaire!" Mr. X. noticed Mr. D.’s approval of worldly wealth. Mr. X. said, "I’m a millionaire too!" Mr. D. looked most surprised, as if to say, "You’re only a tutor!" Mr. X. explained himself more clearly to his pupil. He said, "I’m not a millionaire in this world, but the next!" Thereupon, Mr. D. was very puzzled, and wondered, "What next world?" Mr. X. then began his Islamic training. He asked Mr. D. who was aged eleven, whether he had existed twenty years or so earlier. Mr. D. said he had not. Then Mr. X. asked whether Mr. D. would still be alive after another two hundred years. Mr. D. said he definitely would not. So Mr. X. made it clear that Mr. D., like all other people, was a traveller in time and space. Mr. X. said that it is from this perspective that Islam explains life and death. Mr. S.’s worldly wealth is only temporary. If he does pious deeds, the reward of that will be eternal, if Allah Almighty accepts them. Mr. X. explained, "I am a millionaire in the next world because I believe in Allah, my Lord. I know that this life, and all its pleasures and comforts, is temporary. I attach more importance to the remembrance of my Creator, because I know that after my death, He will take my soul, and then I will have no power to disobey Him. He can reward me with Paradise or throw me into Hell. I fear my Lord and ask for his Mercy. I know that if I remember Him for one moment, angels in Paradise will construct lofty mansions for me in paradise for the duration of that moment. When I shall cease the remembrance, they shall cease the building. I know that if I say "Subhaanallah" (glory be to Allah) once, I will benefit from a tree of my own, in my own estate, in Paradise. Likewise if I say, "Alhamdollilah," "Praise be to Allah," or "Allah Hoo Akbar (Allah is great)." I know that if! send blessings for the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him), my life in the grave will be very pleasant, for the grave will be wide and spacious and like Paradise. My aim and intention in life is to do as many religious deeds as possible before my inevitable death in the hope that my beneficent Lord God, Allah Almighty, may forgive my evil sins and might admit me to his Paradise: "Gardens under which flow rivers and his Divine Favour." Mr. D. heard all this information with great interest, and he began to think about Allah, life and death and life Hereafter. Then he benefitted from all his dreams included in this book.

DREAM NO.2: Mr. D. ‘s DREAM.
Saturday, 7th September 1985.

Mr. X.’s father went to Mr. D.’s house to give an invitation for Mr. X.’s wedding to S. Ibrahim. Mr. D.’s mother read the invitation, which Mr. D. saw. The invitation cards were £4O,00O~ and the wedding was worth £50,000. Mr. X.’s hotel was about as big as 20,000 houses combined. Mr. X.’s father was telling Mr. D.’s father that the hotel was massive and that one single light, made out of real gold, was worth about £90,000. The wallpaper was beautiful—it had golden stripes.

The furniture was made out of real gold, and it was the best wedding ever in this world. Mr. D. and his father went to the hotel for the wedding. The dishes were worth £90,000. Mr. X. was wearing a suit worth £40,000 and Mr. D. and his father were wearing suits which were (each) worth £20,000.

Mr. X.’s wife was so beautiful—very beautiful. Mr. D. could not describe how beautiful. She had a lot of makeup on her face. One of her rings cost £30,000 or £40,000. Mr. D. and his mother were special relatives of Mr. X. Mr. X.’s wife’s face was shining like real gold.

The wedding Allah Almighty was reading in his mind that He had been reading Mr. X.’s marriage sermon.4 Everyone was sitting in a real gold house and chairs. The chairs on which Mr. X. and his wife were sitting were worth about £200,000. Mr. X.’s father spent so much money that the outside world could never have afforded that much.

The House: This was all made out of real gold. The garden outside was so massive that it was a big as England. In the garden, the whole of which was gold, the lawn was as big as the whole of Manchester. The garden contained a cricket field, football pitch and rugby pitch. Mr. X. was wearing a gold suit and he was playing with Mr. D. and his friends, and his own friends. They were playing rugby with a gold ball.

Mr. X.’s wife was wearing real gold clothes—striped with golden stripes. It was worth £200,000. She was wearing lots of jewellery—real gold rings and necklaces. She had on eyeliner5 and blusher. She was talking to Mr. D.’s mother, and she had on bangles, from the wrist to the elbow. She had black hair with strings of gold in it. The tikka was worth about £20,000.

We all started to talk. For dinner there was golden rice. The plates and cups were made out of gold

Date not recorded.

Mr. Z. saw a red7 carpet, and he saw somebody walking on it. It was Mr.X. Mr. X. had a seven-spiked crown on his head, made out of plain gold.8 He had a shining face, and he was wearing a shining gold scarf and shining brown suit.

Thursday Night, 10th October, 1985.

Mr. D. and his father went to Mr. X.’s house in the next world. Mr. D.’s father was delighted to see the beauty of the castles, of which there were twenty to thirty. These castles were made out of real gold, and what was in them was made out of real gold, which was shining. The castles were beautiful.

Mr. X. was sitting on a leather sofa, which was the cheapest in the house, and he was holding a cup of tea. Then accidentally, the cup fell from Mr. X.’s hand, and the tea spilt. Allah Almighty9 gave the towel permission to clean the mess by itself. Allah Almighty said: "CLEAN NOW,...(O) TOWEL!"

Then Mr. X. was wearing real golden chains and necklaces on which was written the name of Allah Almighty.’10 Allah Almighty said:


Mr. X. went to Hajj and prayed for his parents. Mr. X. was wearing real golden shoes, and the watch, which Allah Almighty had given him, was beautiful, shiny and made out of real gold. Mr. X. was wearing an excellent suit—no one could have made one like it even in a million years. Mr. X.’s parents were also wearing excellent clothes, and were seated in real golden chairs.

Date not recorded.

Miss N. went upstairs (and into the bedroom). Miss N. saw Mr. X.’s baby boys and baby girls, who were sleeping. There were 5013 of them—thirty girls and twenty boys. They were wearing nice, cute jumpers on top, pink for the girls and blue for the boys. Mr. X.’s wife was wearing a white pyjama (trousers), a sparkling orange dress and a white, light scarf ("Dupatta").14

Tuesday, 13th August, 1985.

One day in Paradise, Mr. X. and Mr. G. were making bargains, and Mr. X. said to Mr. G., "Give me 2,000 of your trees and I will give you two castles." Mr. G. said: "I am not going to make that kind of bargain." We were beside the rivers. Mr. X. said: "O.K., then—take this." He gave Mr. G. a punch, and Mr. G. fell into the river of wine. Mr. G. went to Allah Almighty for justice, and Allah Almighty took fifteen15 of Mr. X.’s castles and gave them to Mr. G.

Saturday, 7th September 1985.

The Hajj

Mr. D. and his parents, and Mr. X. and his parents, children and wife all went to Hajj. First of all they went into Allah Almighty’s aeroplane and it took them to Allah’s House in Holy Mecca. Allah let them in. Allah said:



Allah Almighty gave them permission to go into the outside world.

Allah said:



DREAM NO. 7: Miss N.'s DREAM.
Saturday, 10th August, 1985.

"The scene of the dream came—we were sitting at a very big table. All of us said: ‘Alhamdolillahi rabbil alameen, ar-rahman nir-raheem, —malik you mideen, iyaa ka na’budoo wa iyaa ka nastaeen, ihidi nasiratul mustaqeem, sirat allazeena, anamta alaihim, ghairul maghdoobi alayhim, waladwa—leen, allahumma amin.16

Suddenly, Mr. X. rose, and said:
‘Rabbana aatinaa fiduniya hasanaton wa fil akhiraati hasanaton wakinaa azabun naar,17 and sat down again.

Allah Almighty said: ‘YOU ARE BLESSED.’ On the table there were different kinds of flowers—waterfall flowers—going on our food and blessing our food. There were pearls—round ones, they were massive—as big as a mirror in the middle of a flower. Mr. X. was wearing golden clothes which had lovely silver and black patterns of all the colours of JANNAT.’8 He had a golden beard. I was wearing a blue and white set of clothes. Mr. X.’s wife was wearing a silver set, and another colour that I could not remember when I woke up."

DREAM NO.8: Miss N.'s DREAM.
Friday, 17th August, 1984.

The scene came—it was Mr. X.’s birthday, indescribable. There were colours everywhere—on the cake, on the guests, on everything. A light came downwards from on high. Then Allah Almighty spoke: "MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU ON YOUR 23RD BIRTHDAY I WILL BLESS YOU ONE THOUSAND TIMES," and then the speaking finished. Then Mr. X. cut the cake, which had gold and silver patterns on it. Then a voice came, and said: "You’re on the right path—that’s why you’re here with me." Mr. X.’s family was at the birthday party, as well as his own wife and his children. The date was 7th August 1986. Mr. X.’s wife was shining like a ruby. She was wearing a "pouring out" dress, like it was sending out drops of water. Her pyjama was the same kind. Her face was glowing— everything was glowing. Mr. X.’s daughters were wearing orange suits, like their mother, and Mr. X.’s sons were dressed like Mr. X., in silver. Mr. X. was wearing gold as well as silver.

The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) was at Mr. X.’s party, and he was kissing Mr. X.—five times on each cheek.19 The Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) brought Mr. X. a ‘tashbih’20 of raindrops as his birthday present. Allah Almighty said: YOU SHARE THE FRUITS OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE WITH ME.21 YOUR FRUITS OF KNOWLEDGE ARE SO MUCH THAT YOU CAN SHARE THEM WITH EVERY SINGLE PERSON INJANNA T.22

.The Holy Prophet Peace be upon him (The Holy Prophet Muhammed) said: "I am so happy."

Then the Prophet Moses Peace be upon him (The Holy Prophet Moses) said: "Hello, old chap—how are you feeling, snubby nose?23 He brought as a present for Mr. X. a massive piece of gold, on which was written Allah24 in raindrops. Mr. X. ran to it and put his forehead on it. Mr. X.’s little children did the same.

Then Miss N. went to Mr. X. She gave him, as a present, a cologne bottle that was so big that Mr. X. couldn’t carry it. Its smell was indescribable—of cherries, strawberries, bananas, and so on (fruits). Mr. X. wore it, and he was fragrant all over. That present was from all of Mr. X.’s family, but Miss N. presented it to Mr. X.

Wednesday, 15th January 1986.

Mr. Q. saw many small palaces, glistening like lights.25 He saw Mr. X. in one of the palaces, sitting at a desk. Mr. X. had some Islamic books near him. He was studying hard.26

Friday, 13th December 1985.

Mr. X. was sitting down, reading the Holy Quran.27 Encompassing him were lions—big, small, fighting, playing. Around them were innumerable trees in which monkeys were eating small, green berries. The trees themselves were green, with long leaves, fruitless, and in different sizes. There were different numbers of monkeys in the trees. Mr. X. thus appeared to be reciting the Holy Quran in a jungle. But he was not. Mr. B. noticed that all this land was Mr. X.’s own garden. Mr. X. was the King of the Lions. The lions were eagerly listening to the Holy Quran with great interest and awe. Mr. X.’s recital in Arabic was reaching far and wide, so loud it was. When Mr. X. had finished reciting the Holy Quran, he prayed: "Rabbana aatinaa fiduniya hasanatonwa fil akhirati hasanton wakinaa azaabun nar." ("O our Lord, give us good things in this world and give us good things in the next world, and save us from the torture of the fire.")

Then he wiped his hands over his face and blew on his chest. Mr. X. had read 2-3 pages of the Holy Quran, and this Holy Book then disappeared by itself. Mr. X. got off his prayer mat, and then a tablecloth came and spread itself. Then all kinds of plates, containing all kinds of delicious foods, came. Mr. B. looked up as a plate came towards him too—but when he looked into it, it was empty. Mr. B. saw Mr. X.’s palace, so big, as one he had never seen before. Its walls were of white marble and there were six routes to its inside. Mr. B. had used only one route to discover Mr. X. reciting the Holy Quran, and he had been hiding from the lions underneath a rock. Mr. X. was wearing white clothes and a white cap. From a side view, Mr. B. saw that Mr. X.’s face was shining. Mr. X.’s palace had red doors, and the rock was in the courtyard. Mr. B. awoke from his dream with a jump just as one of the lions had discovered him hiding beneath a rock, and lunged at him.

*Allah’s Apostle (Peace be upon him) said: "He who does not ask Allah (for favours), Allah is annoyed with him."
Allah’s Apostle (Peace be upon him) said: "Verily your Lord is very modest and generous—He feels shy that His servant raises up his hands for supplication, and He may let it go unaccepted." (Tirmidhi)

Saturday, 4th January 1985.

Mr. W. saw a black28 horse, mounted it and it took him tojannat. Mr. W. descended and sat down under a massive tree, which was made of NUR (Light), and it shone as if bulbs had been attached to it. Angels~ passed him as he sat there. Mr. W. was very depressed because he had no home in Paradise. Then Mr. X  came out of his palace, most beautiful, seven stories high.30 On the palace were inscribed Kalimahs,31 and in front of it were flower pots and flowers. Mr. X. was wearing a crown of gold, silver and rubies, one that not even kings would possess. From Mr. X.’s face NUR was shining, of a gold colour. His face issued forth radiance.32 Mr. X. was wearing a long, white JUBA,33 and he went up to Mr. W. He said: "Why are you sitting depressed, Mr. W.?" Mr. W. replied:

"I have no home (here), so what else can I do except sit here depressed?" Mr. X. said: "You can come into my house. No problem. My house is also your own home.34 (To share Allah Almighty’s bounties is righteousness.)

Monday, 18th May, 1986.

Miss S. saw Mr. X. coming out of his palace, which was as big as three houses, and like a castle.35 The palace was decorated with gold and silver. Mr. X. was wearing a golden suit. Inside the palace, there was a big golden table, on which was laid food—(expensive) rice and (orange) drinks. The glasses were made out of silver. People were sitting round the table—men, women and children. Mr. X. was having a party—some people were his own friends, while others had come from different houses. There were lots of children. Miss S. saw Mr. X.’s spare room, in which he kept some of his current and some of his old clothes, all made of gold. Miss S. saw Mr. X.’s bedroom, which was big, containing a normal, big bed which had golden curtains all around its sides. On the walls were hung pictures for visitors, but some of them failed to arrive. Mr. X. went back inside his palace.36

12.00, Friday, 3rd January 1986.

Mr. X. and Mr. C. were in a heavenly carriage,37 which was being carried by invisible Angels, which took us to JANNAT. Mr. C. then died but Mr. X. remained alive. We landed in an orchard in Paradise. Mr. C. said:

"This is my orchard." Mr. X. said: "Shut up, it’s mine." There were two orchards, it was discovered. They then went towards a massive palace, reaching to the clouds.38 It seemed as though the palace belonged to a King. Its walls were made of glass, but they were glistening so that one was not sure whether they were glass or gold. On the main gate of the palace was written The Verse of the Throne:39

On the sides of the gate was written YA ALLAH and YA MUHAMMED.40 Inside there was another gate on which was written the names of The Holy Prophet Peace be upon Him, Au, Hassan, Hussein and Fatimah (May Allah Almighty be pleased with them all). The main gate of the palace was so big that it was high as the heaven, and we looked tiny in caparison. We went inside the palace. Inside, many thousands of servants stood in rows, heads bowed as if awaiting a king. These servants wore clothes of Nur (Light), white Arabic Jubas. Mr. C. stood, while Mr. X. went and sat down on the throne.41 Then a crown, consisting of glistening pearls and jewels came and seated itself on Mr. X.’s head, and its light went to the furthest corners of the Palace. Mr. C. said: "0 Allah! You have not given me anything." Allah Almighty replied, "A SMALL CHAIR IS FOR YOU NEAR HIM."42 Mr. C. then got a smaller throne and smaller chair, which floated towards him. These were glistening. Mr. C. was like a minister to Mr. X., the King. Then Mr. X. signalled to all the servants, and they all seated themselves on chairs of light. Then Mr. C. became alive once more, and both he and Mr. X. came back to this world again.

Date Not Recorded.

Miss N. saw a vision—it was blurred, slowly becoming clearer. She saw Mr. X.’s wife clearly, who was feeding the horse (with wings). (The bird, a very colourful pet, had gone somewhere, and was not there.)43 Then Mr. X.’s wife suddenly saw a waterfall and she said, "What’s that?" Mr. X.’s children began saying, "What that?" They all went to Mr. X., who was in the bath. They said, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, what that in back garden?" Mr. X. said, "Beg your pardon?" Mr. X. then went to the back garden to see for himself. Before, the water was white, but now it had changed to golden. The young children said, "What that? What that? What that?" The water of the waterfall was such that if one were to put one’s hand into it, the hand would change colour—since it would be made purer by the water. Mr. X.’s wife used to wash clothes in it—she did not need to use any (powder) or soap. The clothes which were being washed were so beautiful that Miss N. could not describe them.

Then Mr. X. prepared to go to the library, pushing the pram with his young children inside it—there were so many little children that they could not be counted. Mr. X. said (Bye) to his wife. His wife said, "You’d better come early!" It looked as if she had a surprise for Mr. X., and she did. After a one-second walk (that walk would have taken 50 minutes in this world), Mr. X. and his children reached the library. In the library, Mr. X.’s little sons and daughters were writing "Kalimahs"44 and "Hadith,"45 and some of them were reading Salaat. Afterwards they changed over. The children were writing silver writing on golden paper. Mr. X. was very pleased. He read Salaat and went, with his children, back home. Mr. X. saw his wife reading Salaat there. She had just finished reading MAGHRIB.46

Then Mr. X.’s wife merely clicked her fingers, and there was a table full of "Trifle," "Angel Delight," and all other treats imaginable. There was cream with nuts in it. There was a massive "Lion Bar"—a million people could eat of it. She said, "Here you are—a lovely treat for you. I never made it."

We were all (eating eagerly) and then the dream finished.

Sunday, 4th May, 1986.

Mr. X. and his family were sitting at the table, ready for dinner. Mr. X. said, "You know what to begin with!"47 While Mr. X. was saying that, gold and flowers dropped from his mouth. Mr. X. was asked, "What is this?" Mr. X. replied, "Gold."

Friday, 3rd January, 1986.

Mrs. Y. received a letter from Mr. X. It concerned the Darood Taaj.48 In the letter, Mr. X. urged Mrs. Y. to read this prayer and to tell two of her brothers to do so too. The postman brought the letter, and it was glistening with Nur—in fact, the radiance of this letter made the entire house radiant. Mrs. Y. was surprised to learn that Mr. X. knew the Darood Taaj, and she was told by members of the family that Mr. X.’s cousin had taught it to him. In his letter, Mr. X. wrote about the benefits of reading this special prayer. "If you read the Darood Taaj five times before going to sleep, Allah Almighty will give you more sustenance, O cousin. You may also be able to see the blessed vision of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him (The Holy Prophet Muhammed) in your dreams. Allah Almighty will give you four palaces in the next world, and one palace in this world. Mrs. Y. then wrote a letter, in return, to Mr. X. She promised to read the Darood Taaj every day, ten times, notjust five. She promised to obey this prayer, and to try to see the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him (The Holy Prophet Muhammed) in her dreams. Mrs. Y. asked Mr. X. to pray to God for her, and to read the Darood Taaj for her, so that Allah might give her one palace in this world and four palaces in the next world. In her letter Mrs. Y. complained that Mr. X. had come to readJummah49 at the Mosque very near her house, but had not come to see her at her house. Mrs. Y. then knew Mr. X.’s reply: Allah Almighty told me to read Jummah, and I will come to your house (some other time)." Mrs. V. said, "May Allah Almighty make you pious." In her letter Mrs. Y. also wrote: "(Mr. X.) I prayed for you—you will be given four big houses in this world and innumerable houses in the next world—Allah Almighty is still building these Palaces, and some have already been built. Allah Almighty said (about you): ‘Whoever praised Me, I and My Beloved Prophet will help him.’ (Mr. X.) Don’t forget me... I have prayed for you many times and Allah Almighty has accepted my prayers. (Cousin) Pray for me after reading Darood Taaj that Allah Almighty might give me one big house in this world, sustenance (RIZK), and the sight of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him (The Holy Prophet Muhammed). Don’t lose your faith even after 100 years of life. (Mr. X.) I read prayers for you forty-five times, and I pray for you, that Allah Almighty may make you God-fearing. I pray that Allah Almighty give you lawful sustenance, that He grant you pious offspring, and that you yourself be very pious both in this world and the next. You must keep on praising Allah Almighty, and blessing the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him (The Holy Prophet Muhammed)."

Wednesday, 14th August, 1985.

Mr. R. saw his own and Mr. X.’s castles in the nextworld. There are five pillars50 of Islam. Mr. R. saw two pieces of land for each pillar. There were 10,000,000 castles in each piece of land. Hence, Mr. R. had ten pieces of land, and so, too, did Mr. X.

Friday, l2thJuly, 1985.

Mr. R. got a message in his dream that he had been given 10,000,156 trees, and that Mr. X. had been given 10,000,056 trees in Paradise.51 These trees were packed with absolutely everything—food, clothing and so on. When one required an item, the trees read one’s mind, and the correct type of branch would lean down. During the day, the item that had been picked would grow once more. These trees had leaves of emerald (emerald shaped into leaves). Their bark was very smooth and reddish-brown. Mr. R. also saw castles. The windows of these were of diamond, transparent. The bricks were a compound of liquid gold and copper—a reddish-gold effect was produced. The castle had towers, like a Mosque. The entrance to its gates was made of a variety of different coloured pearls—there were grey pearls, pink pearls, and so on. The castle was absolutely massive—as big as a town. Mr. X. was wearing a thin layer of silver or gold.

Monday, 19th May, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were sitting at a very strong, oakwood table. The chairs were made out of solid gold, and they were adorned with yellow cushions. Both of them were very happy and relaxed and were talking about Allah Almighty. Then Mr. X. said something (implies that he knew a secret bestowed by Allah Almighty) and a Hur appeared. She was very beautiful, dressed all in white, and she wore about five necklaces with ALLAH written on them. She brought two drinks, blackcurrent colour, in silver glasses. Mr. A. clicked his fingers, and fruit appeared—pink in colour and of different shapes. Then both Mr. A. and Mr. X. decided that it was time for Salaat. Then they mounted a flying horse—it was quite ordinary but had very, very white wings. Soon they came to a tremendous mansion, ‘which cannot be described. It was Mr. X.’s house, and on it was written the name of ALLAH . Mr. X. said to Mr. A., "Come into my house and perform the prayer." The staircase was golden, and the banister was silver. Mr. X. showed Mr. A. all the rooms in his palace, and they saw a golden doorway. They then went into a very, very big room (empty except for the carpet). This was the prayer room. Mr. A. and Mr. X. saw that three little boys and two little girls were doing Sajda (Prostration). Mr. X. said, "These are my children." The boys looked like Mr. X., very cute and wearing white clothes. One of the boys was about five years old.

Then a lady came in—she was so beautiful that she cannot be described. Mr. A. was startled. Mr. X. said, "This is my wife." Mr. X.’s wife was wearing white clothes and a silver light scarf. She wore necklaces with the name of ALLAH on them, and two rings of pure gold, on which ALLAH was printed. Mr. X.’s wife was carrying a very beautiful mat. She wished to perform the prayer in a corner of the room, so the mat travelled to the corner, and she prayed.52 Then Mr. X. said to Mr. A., "OK, you can start Salaat, now." Mr. A. and Mr. X. both completed their prayers at the same time. Then Mr. X. said, "Let me show you my house." They went to a garden that was vast, and its end was nowhere in sight. It contained very beautiful flowers53 of different colours, shapes and sizes.... Then Mr. A. said, "I have to go now. May God be with you." He clicked his fingers, and his flying horse came. He embraced Mr. X. and made off for home.

Mr. A. ‘s home was extremely massive. His wife, who had a face which was radiant like the full moon, came, and Mr. A. said, "I’m getting very tired now," and he stretched. He asked "Where are the children?" Mr. A.’s wife said, "They are asleep." Mr. A. went to his children’s room, and there he saw that fifteen54 boys and girls were sound asleep. Mr. A. then said, "I am going to sleep now."

April, 1986.

Mr. A. was extremely sad because he didn’t have a home in JANNAT. He sat down next to a tree, and he saw that Mr. X. was coming to him. Mr. X. said, "Why are you so sad?" Mr. A. said, "I have no home (here), so if I shouldn’t be sad what else should I be?" Mr. X. said, "You can’t be sad—you’ve got a friend like me." Mr. X. said, "Come with me." Mr. A. said, "No, no." Mr. X. said, "Come with me, or I will sit here with you all the time." Mr. A. said, "No, you can’t sit here with me because you have a wife, children and houses." The Mr. X. said, "I don’t care what I’ve got—I’m sitting here!" Mr. X. sat with Mr. A. and didn’t even talk.

Hours went by. It became dark (that was like daylight in this world), and Mr. A. said, "I’m very serious—come on." Mr. X. then had a very big smile on his face, though Mr. A. was still quite sad that he had no home of his own. Mr. X. said to Mr. A., "Do you study Islam?" Mr. A. replied, "Yes, but only a little." Mr. X. said, "I know (exactly) what you must do to get a wife, house and children. You must do a great deal of Islam, and put your heart into it (enjoy Islam)." Mr. A. did exactly this. After three days, Mr. A. had about 10,000 big houses, a wife and four or five children. Then Mr. A. went to thank Mr. X. and took for him a present—a crown of honour, made of gold, silver and jewels. Mr. X. refused to take the crown because, he argued, it was his own responsibility to tell everyone who was in trouble (the right words). And just when Mr. X. had said, "I do (the same) to anyone who is in trouble," automatically three crowns appeared. These were more sparkling and of better quality than Mr. A.’s present. Mr. X. took the three crowns, and one by one he made them into one whole crown, which then sparkled more than the full moon. When the crown was placed on Mr. X.’s head, thousands of people came with presents—food, clothes, books—the Holy Quran, and so on, and they gave these to Mr. X. After they had gone, both Mr. A. and Mr. X. were astonished.

Thursday, 8th May, 1986.

Mr. X. was feeling ill. All his family were praying for him to recover. Mr. A. was giving Zakat.55 After four days, Mr. X. was feeling even worse—he couldn’t talk or move. They had to dissolve his tablets, and give him injections; then Mr. X. would smile. Everyone was very, very sad. In one week, it was Eid, and after one day, Mr. X. did not smile when he received the injection. On the day of Eid, Mr. X. died. Mr. A. had a dream (in his dream) on the following night. He saw Mr. X. in his dream, wearing white clothes, and with a golden crown on his head. Mr. X. said, "I’m very happy—I’ve got the best place, and I am with my wife and children."


Thursday, 8th May, 1986.

Mr. A. was performing Wudhu56—he was wearing white clothes with golden stripes, and a silver and white hat. These garments were so beautiful that they cannot be described—they were sparkling. Mr. A.’s face was very bright—like the moon when it is full. Then Mr. A. went to read the Holy Quran, which was not an ordinary one: It was outlined in gold, written in silver, most beautifully, and the pages were strong. Mr. A. was in a room which contained many posters—some of which displayed the name of Allah Almighty ( ) or MUHAMMED ( ) Peace be upon him (The Holy Prophet Muhammed). Mr. A. then finished reciting the Holy Quran. Mr. A. was sitting on a beautiful mat, which displayed beautiful pictures of Mosques—it was very, very bright. Underneath it was a very, very red carpet. The room was extremely big, and Mr. A. was sitting in the very middle. Mr. A. got up and went through a very bright, golden doorway. He put on his silver shoes.

Mr. A. went outside, said something and a beautiful, bright horse appeared. Mr. A. came to his home, which had Arabic writing57 on it, and it resembled very strong paper. When Mr. A. reached home, he saw a lady there—her face was shining like the full moon, and she was Mr. A.’s wife. She was wearing a white dress and a white and gold pyjama, and silver light scarf. She was wearing a necklace but Mr. A. saw only the chain. Then Mr. A. seated himself on a golden chair—very big, with rubies; emeralds and diamonds adorned it (like a pattern— sapphire, or blue at the top, then white, then red, then green). Then servants appeared with a great variety of delicious foods. One of the servants clicked his fingers, and other servants came with more varieties. Inside Mr. A.’s house was a golden pole, and at the very top was written ALLAH ()

Wednesday, 6th August, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were sitting down, talking about Allah Almighty. While they were talking, they heard the Adhan58

DREAM NO. 24: Mr. A.'s DREAM.
Thursday, 7th August, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were fighting in a battle against those people who did not believe.59 While they were fighting, they became tired—then a spear was thrown by the enemy at Mr. A. Mr. A., out of loyalty, shielded Mr. X., but the spear penetrated Mr. A. and Mr. X. Both these people died. Then the foe who had thrown the spear died suddenly and naturally—by a heart attack. When Mr. X. and Mr. A. had died, Mr. A. saw himself lying in the most precious flowers—then another body appeared in the flowers—that of Mr. X. Both Mr. A. and Mr. X. then went to learn whether they were to go to Paradise, or Hell. Then Allah Almighty gave the following message to one of the Angels: "Tell (Mr. A. and Mr. X.) that they will positively be going to Paradise." Mr. A. and Mr. X. were going to Heaven, when they saw one of the prophets.60 They went to him and kissed and shook his hand. Then Mr. A. went to the River of Wine and began to drink. Mr. X. however, said: "I want to drink from a gold cup." Just then a gold cup appeared (just when Mr. X. had cupped his hand to drink, a gold cup had appeared in his hand). Mr. A. said "SUBHAAN-ALLAH."61 Then Mr. X. drank from the cup.62

DREAM NO. 25: Mr. A.'s DREAM.
Saturday, lst June, 1980.

Mr. A. saw that Mr. X. was eating large, juicy grapes, and he began to feel hungry. He saw that Mr. X. said something, whereupon a branch, carrying a beautiful fruit, went next to him.63 "How do you do that?" Mr. A. asked Mr. X. Mr. X. replied, "It is very easy—all you have to do is think and you will get it, and you will have to say ‘SUBHAANALLAH’ (Glory be to God) to get a tree." Just then, Mr. A. said "SUBHAANALLAH," and he saw that a little plant was growing amazingly rapidly—about 1,000 metres every second. Mr. X. had 5,000 million trees; Mr. A. was not too greedy, and he was content with just this one tree.

The next day Mr. A. and Mr. X. were both sitting next to each other and both were eating juicy grapes. Having talked, Mr. A. and Mr. X. decided to go somewhere. Both of them thought in their minds (meditated), and two beautiful, brilliantly-white, sparkling, winged horses appeared. Having mounted these, Mr. X. and Mr. A. (flew) until they arrived at a place where people were performing the Salat64 They themselves performed the Salat, and they went home. The next day was the beginning of the Holy Month of Ramadhan.65 Both Mr. X. and Mr. A. kept fast. Toward the end of the fast, both met and both, simultaneously, said: "Come to my house to open the fast." Mr. X. went to Mr. A.’s house to open the fast, and the food was so delicious and extraordinary that it cannot be described. When they had eaten, Mr. X. went back home. The Holy Month passed very quickly, and then the next day was EID UL-FITR.~ Both Mr. X. and Mr. A. were very, very happy. They then went on their rounds—visiting people in their houses, for 5-6 minutes, to say, "Eid Mubarak."67 They gave these friends "magic" Eid cards— whatever one wished to eat, one could speak into the card and the appropriate plate would automatically come out of the card. Then Mr. A. and Mr. X. went to Mr. X. ‘s house and ate a very, very delicious dinner, which had been made by Mr. X.’s (older) sister. Having eaten, Mr. X. and Mr. A. went to the Mosque, which was extremely packed. An Imam was giving a religious lecture. Mr. X. and Mr. A. performed the Salaat, and tasted sweets over which prayers had been recited, and gave donations for a new Mosque which was due to be opened. Rather than go home, Mr. A. and Mr. X. decided to visit a few other places. They went to Islamic shops and bought the Holy Quran, hats for Salaat, mats for Salaat, and so on, and then distributed these items to people who didn’t have them, but needed them. Likewise, 500 religious books were bought and distributed. Mr. X. and Mr. A. then went home, sat down and began to blow up balloons, and to decorate the rooms. They then had a religious party and everybody enjoyed themselves. For example, one of the presents was a fruit bowl—if one were to put one’s hand in it, a fruit would appear, and it would never be short of fruit. Also, somebody came with a very special present—an ordinary Eid Card (implying that the thought is more important than the actual present). Then somebody brought in a (cracker)—a big string was attached to it—everybody had to pull it, and items such as clothes, fruit, Islamic books, prayer hats and mats, and so on, would come out, floating upwards. There were enough items for every single person. Mr. X. and Mr. A. clicked their fingers and said, "One, two, three," and then the dream ended.

DREAM NO. 26: Mr. A.'s DREAM.
Monday night, 9th June, 1986.

Many people had gathered outside Mr. X.’s house. Mr. A. wanted to go into the house, but there was such a rush that it took three hours for him to get in. Mr. A. was worried as to why so many people were going to Mr. X.’s house. Mr. A. prayed to Allah Almighty for the reason to be good (not bad). Mr. A. was sweating. When he finished waiting, he managed to ask Mr. X. what was going on.

Mr. X. said, in a very surprised manner, "Don’t you know?" Then he told Mr. A. that last night his son had been born—on the night of Shab-I-Barat. The son’s name was_______.68 When Mr. A. heard this, he nearly fainted. He quickly went home and brought a present for Mr. X.’s son. When Mr. X. saw the suit, he said, "You shouldn’t have."

When Mr. X.’s visitors, 30,000 or more, had gone, Mr. X. and Mr. A. sat down together and had a drink called ________,69 which contained beautiful, delicious fruits and was of an extraordinary colour—a mixture of orange, yellow and green. Mr. X. and Mr. A. began talk of opening three or four Mosques. Within a flash, as Mr. X. and Mr. A. looked outside, four Mosques, better than palaces, and made out of gold and silver, stood. Mr. X. fainted. Mr. A. spilt some of the drink on Mr. X. to revive him, and said, "It’s all Allah’s Power."

Then many people started to gather. Mr. X. and Mr. A. took a loudspeaker and said, "Come to our Mosques—they have everything you need." Someone said, "When are they going to open?" Mr. X. and Mr. A. were just about to say something, when they heard the Adhan70 coming from the Mosques. Then the doors of the Mosques opened by themselves, and ALLAH (), written in Arabic, came up. Eager and enthusiastic people ran inside the Mosques (in their zeal for performing the Salaat—some fell, but they carried on regardless of their knocks and bangs). Finally, Mr. X. and Mr. A. went into the Mosques. The people asked, "Whose Mosques are these?" Mr. X. replied, "They belong to everybody." Mr. A. said, "Don’t ask again." When Mr. X. and Mr. A. went inside the Mosques, they saw beautiful decorations and golden carpets, and they peeped inside a variety of rooms—hat rooms, mat rooms, Wudhu71 rooms, and so on. Then they saw the Muezzin72 who was proclaiming the Adhan.73 Mr. X. and Mr. A. hugged him and the dream ended.

DREAM NO.27: Mr. A.'s DREAM.
Friday, 1st August, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were proclaiming the Adhan in Holy Mecca. After that, they performed the Hajj.

DREAM NO. 28: Mr. A.'s DREAM.
Wednesday night, 3Oth July, 1986.

Mr. A. studied at the "University of Religion" and obtained from there the highest degree—he then became a teacher of religion. Mr. X., his very, very close friend (brother in Islam), likewise passed the examination. To celebrate, Mr. X. and Mr. A. delivered food at the Mosque. They also made provision for the sacrifice of 200 sheep,74 and the distribution of the meat to the poor.

DREAM NO. 29. Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Wednesday, l8th June, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were performing Salaat.

DREAM NO. 30: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Thursday, l9th June, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were talking to an Angel.

DREAM NO. 31: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Friday, 2OthJune, 1986.

Mr. A. was eating a golden biscuit and Mr. X. was eating a silver grape.

DREAM NO. 32: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Saturday, 2lstJune, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were in a library, browsing through Islamic books, enjoying themselves. One book gave information on the performing of Salaat, another dealt with the prayers of Salaat, and yet another discussed the Powers of Allah Almighty.75

DREAM NO. 33: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Friday, 25thJuly, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were praying in the Mosque. After they had performed the Salaat, they went to a place where people were allowed to fish. They went into a souvenir shop and bought a net. They began to fish. Soon they caught a fish and drew it from the water. The fish struggled. Then it spoke. It said, "Allah has not allowed people to slaughter animals (for food) by killing them (first) and then saying ‘Allah hoo Akbar." Mr. A. was so astonished that he dropped the fish net.

DREAM NO. 34: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Saturday, 26th July, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were on their way to donate an Islamic book to a library. Having reached there, they went to a restaurant. But they had forgotten their bags at the airport. Fortunately, Mr. A. had Mr. X.’s and his own ticket in his pocket. They went back to the airport. They had nothing to worry about because on their bags was written 786.76 Having collected their bags, they went to the library and donated the book.

DREAM NO. 35: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Thursday, 24th July, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were praying. When they had completed the Salaat, Mr. A. felt hungry. They clicked their fingers, and food appeared in mid-air. Then they had the idea to build a Mosque (all by themselves). It was mostly Mr. X.’s idea and to a smaller extent Mr. A.’s. They started work—they got golden bricks and hammer, and so on. They began to lay the bricks. It was then time for Salaat. They threw away the hammer and bricks, ran, did ablution and read the Salaat. Having eaten a little snack afterwards, they began work on the Mosque again.

Then ASR77 had to be read. Mr. X. and Mr. A. made ablution, read the Salaat and came outside again. At length, the Mosque was almost complete, and only the roof was left to be made. Then Mr. X. said: "We can charge people something to come in." And then the Mosque fell apart. Mr. X. then said, "Astaghfirullah Inallah Ghafoorul Rahim"78 and then the Mosque went back together again. They had only the roof to make, and they did this using silver wood and nails of marble. Mr. A. was happy. Everybody came to celebrate, and the dream ended.

DREAM NO. 36: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Monday, l6th June, 1986.

Mr. A. saw a little boy, aged about eight years, who was crying because he couldn’t read the Holy Quran, the Kalimahs, and so on. He was crying so much that Mr. A. could not bear his tears. Mr. A. quickly went to him and said, "Come to my house—I will teach you everything."

When Mr. A. reached him, however, he saw an urgent message, which directed him to go to Holy Mecca for (an important) meeting. Mr. A. told of this to the little boy, who became a little sad. Then Mr. A. told him the good news—thathe had chosen one of his best friends (brother in Islam) to teach the youngster Islam. When Mr. A. was due to leave (for Holy Mecca) he asked his best friend to look (well) after the little boy. Afterwards, Mr. A. went to the meeting and the little boy remained behind. This youngster asked Mr. L’s friend the name—it was Mr. X. and the boy’s name ~ After a few months the boy became so religious that he could teach people the (recital of the) Holy Quran and he could recite all the Six Kalimahs79 by heart. He began to know those (religious) things that Mr. X. knew. Then the little boy began to write religious books.

When Mr. A. returned, the youngster was a well-educated boy. Then Mr. A. had news for Mr. X. and the little boy—they had been invited to a meeting at Holy Mecca. Having bought clothes for the little boy, all (three) of them set off for the journey, and the dream ended.

DREAM NO.37: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Tuesday, l0th June, 1986.

Mr. A. was sitting in a golden boat in a sea which was bountiful—that is, if one were to put one’s hand into the water and wish for something, that wish would be granted. Mr. A. was feeling a little peckish—he put his hand in the sea and asked for some food. Mr. A. got a great amount of food, in a basket. Having finished80 his snack, he asked for a companion. He was told to close his eyes. When Mr. A. opened his eyes, there was a person sitting next to him. That person said, "Assalamo Alaykum" (Peace be upon you). Mr. A. replied "Wa Lekum Assalaam" (Peace be upon you, too). Mr. A. asked the person’s name; the reply was, "My name is (Mr. X.)." They then went to a place where they performed the Wudhu, and then performed the Salaat. When they said, "Allah Hoo Akbar (Allah is Great)," they were lifted and placed somewhere, and the place was not an ordinary one—it was one of the best places in JANNAT (Paradise).

DREAM NO. 38: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Saturday, 2nd August, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. K. were in Holy Mecca. They performed the pilgrimage. Then Mr. X. donated Islamic books written by himself and Mr. A. (to a library). Having stayed in a Mosque in Holy Mecca, they (then) took a flight back to Holy Medina, and visited the Mosque of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him (The Holy Prophet Muhammed). While they were there, they managed to get one of the flowers and touch the grave of the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him (The Holy Prophet Muhammed).81 Then Mr. A. bought a few Islamic books (from the bookshops in Holy Medina). In the aeroplane, on the return journey, Mr. X. dropped his suitcase, and all his books fell out. Then the stewardess, who didn’t see him (as he crouched on the floor, trying to collect his books), split all the teas on him. Mr. X. had to go to a special room to change clothes. Having changed, Mr. X. realised that it was time to perform the Salaat, and he knew that passengers were not allowed to perform the Salaat on the aeroplane. He quietly called Mr. A.—they locked the door of the room and performed the Salaat. Then the dream ended.

DREAM NO. 39: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Wednesday, 23rd July, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were eating gold pears and silver apples. When they had eaten, they went to the Mosque and prayed for a long time. When the reached home afterwards, they began to (talk about Islam and Allah Almighty—Zhikr).82

DREAM NO. 40: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Sunday Night, l5th June, 1986.

Mr. A. was sitting down with Mr. X. writing down one of two dreams. Mr. A. was writing with a golden pen on silver paper, which was ruled with golden lines. As Mr. A. wrote, light issued forth (from the pen and paper)—light that became brighter and brighter. Mr. X. began to talk about (dreams, Allah Almighty, the Prophets, and so on—Zhikr). As he spoke, beautiful items fell out of Mr. X.’s mouth—gold, flowers, precious stones and so on. Then the dream ended.

DREAM NO. 41: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Monday Night, l6th June, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were sitting down together, reading Islamic books. Both of them had crowns on their heads, as they read, and both looked very happy. Then Mr. A. said, "Let’s eat something." "OK," said Mr. X. Then Mr. X.’s friend, Mr. A.R.83 arrived, and he shook hands with Mr. A. and Mr. X. While they were all talking together, they suddenly heard a bang. They looked outside, and saw that one of their castles was falling. "How did this happen?" said Mr. A.R. Mr. A. also wanted to know. "Don’t worry," said Mr. X. "We’re going to build a Mosque there." Mr. A. said, "What are we going to do about the gold bricks?" Mr. A.R. said, "We’re going to say a (particular) word."

DREAM NO. 42: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Sunday, 8th June, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were sitting in a golden car, which was sparkling. Mr. A. was driving, and they were on their way to a Mosque named "The... Best Mosque," since they wanted to give Zakat—prayer hats and mats, clothes, food and copies of the Holy Quran. They reached the Mosque, gave the items and returned to their home. They then drank cups of coffee, no ordinary coffee—it had been made out of golden granules. They ate (cakes), made using all kinds of fruit, and with golden syrup.

DREAM NO. 43: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Saturday Night, 24th May, 1986.

Mr. A. was sitting down, relaxing, at a table which was golden, and had silver legs with black stripes. The chairs were made of very solid wood. The room itself was golden, though the roof was wooden. Mr. A. was bored—so he decided to keep company. He clicked his fingers and a multitude of people appeared in the room. Mr. A. said, "Assalamu Alaykum" to all the visitors, who then seated themselves. Mr. X. was one of the visitors—he was dressed all in white, beardless, had a face radiant like a light bulb, md was wearing about seven necklaces with the name of ALLAH ( ~j~j1 ) written on them. These were all underneath one another. Mr. A. clicked his fingers four times, and about 100 servants appeared with all varieties of dishes, which were placed on a massive table. Mr. X. said, "Are there any drinks (I am feeling thirsty)?" Mr. A. clicked his fingers again, and (servants) appeared carrying big golden glasses, which contained drinks of (all) colours—green, golden, silver. They drank, and the drinks tasted beautiful.~ Mr. X. said, "Mm." (Then) Mr. X. said, "I like these glasses—how much were they?" Mr. A. replied:

"They were 20 clicks of the fingers for 20,000 glasses." Before anybody had begun to eat, Mr. X. rose and said, "You know what to begin with!" Then all the people said together, "Bismallah."85

(Then) a very late guest arrived. He looked very pale, and he said to Mr. A., "I’m sorry I’m late. How are you?" Mr. A. replied:

"Alhamdolillah."~ Mr. A. clicked his fingers, and a chair rose automatically—it then settled into a convenient gap at the table. "Take a seat," said Mr. A. (All the guests were then entertained.)

Then all the guests began to leave, one by one. The last person to leave said, "May Allah Almighty be with you."87 Mr. A. said to Mr. X., "Come on—I will show you my house." They went to the first room—it was the prayer room, and that was written on the door in Arabic. Mr. A. then took Mr. X. to (another) room—on the door was written, "Quran Room." Another room was the "Mat Room" and it contained mats of all colours and sizes. When Mr. A. and Mr. X. went to the "Sitting Room", they felt tired inside it.

(At length) Mr. X. said, "OK—you have to come to my house, now. You don’t need transport to get there." Mr. A. and Mr. X. stepped out of Mr. A.’s house. Mr. X. clicked his fingers and Mr. A. and Mr. X. were (standing) in front of a very big house. They went inside. Mr. A. remarked, "Oh, it’s a beautiful house!" It was (pure) silver. Mr. X. then showed Mr. A. round his house, and introduced him to the servants. Mr. A. was on the verge of saying something, but then he woke up.

DREAM NO. 44. Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Monday, 23rd June, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were invited to a meeting at the "University of Islam." They went to the University (Conference Hall), and were met by the attendant—he said: "Tickets, please." Mr. X. said, "We don’t have any tickets." The attendant said, "Could you leave please? You haven’t been invited." Then Mr. A. said, "Wait a sec, wait a sec—we don’t have tickets, but we have been invited by the (Chancellor) of the University (himself)." The attendant said to Mr. A., "Don’t lie—just go out, please." Then Mr. A. became very, very angry and said, "Do you know our names? I am Mr. A. and this is Mr. X." The attendant then brought out his personal notebook and (consulted) the names (of guests). Mr. A. and Mr. X. had been (labelled) the two most important people of the (entire) meeting. Mr. A. said, "Excuse me, please." This time the attendant said, "I’m very, very sorry, Mr. A. Please don’t tell the (Chancellor) (of this affair) or I’ll get sacked instantly." Mr. X. said, "Don’t worry—we won’t tell."

The meeting began. The (Chancellor) brought out two trophies, and placed them on the table. "Please will Mr. A. and Mr. X. come forward?"

"Congratulations," said the (Chancellor), "You have won these trophies for being the most religious people in the (entire) University."88

DREAM NO. 45: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Monday, 23rd June, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were on their knees89 (in a Mosque), performing Salaat. They were really enjoying their prayer. Suddenly, Mr. A. got up and ran through the door, and (alarmed) Mr. X. following him. Mr. A. went to his house, and saw that one of his children was (lying) on the floor, a big cut in his head. Mr. X. quickly (prepared) some bandages. Mr. A. and Mr. X. were really worried because the little boy was unconscious. The child recovered (after four hours), and began to rub his head. Mr. X. asked (how the injury occurred). "I was reaching for the Holy Quran on (the top shelf of the cupboard). I (became off balance) and was about to drop the Holy Quran (to the ground). I quickly grasped it (but) fell."90 "Well done," said Mr. X. and Mr. A., and they shook his hand. Then they went (back to the Mosque) to perform the Salaat.

DREAM NO. 46: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Saturday, 31st May, 1986.

Mr. X. visited Mr. A.’s house, but Mr. A. was not at home. Mr. A.’s wife answered the door and told Mr. X. to take a seat.Just as Mr. X. was about to sit down, Mr. A. appeared. Mr. A. was very happy to see Mr. X. Mr. A. clicked his fingers, and a servant appeared, wearing white clothes with golden stripes. (Mr. X. was wearing a sparkling, brilliant, white suit with silver stripes, and a golden hat). The servant asked Mr. X.: "Do you want tea?"91 Mr. X. replied, "(Only) if Mr. A. has some." (The tea was then drunk.) Mr. X. and Mr. A. then galloped on white, shiny horses (not winged). They performed the Salaat in a Mosque, and then bought a beautiful prayer mat from a golden shop.

DREAM NO.47: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Thursday, 29th May, 1986.

Mr. X and Mr. A. were going to Hajj92 on Flight No. 786.

Tuesday (Date not recorded)

Mr. A. went to Mr. X.’s house. Mr. X. opened the door, shook hands93 and asked Mr. A. (to come in). Mr. A. said, "Eid94 Mubarak (Happy Eid), brother." Mr. X. said, "You’re welcome. Same to you (Eid Mubarak)." Mr. A. and Mr. X. hugged (one another)—they were very happy. (Then) they performed the Salaat. Subsequently they began to (do Dhikr),95 and beautiful air (of a different nature—the air was not worldly—it was spiritual) came. Mr. A. became frightened. Mr. X. said, "There’s nothing to worry about—they’re only Angels." Then Mr. A. and Mr. X. set off on horses with wings—these were not white, but were golden, and their manes and tails were silver. (Then three of Mr. A.’s children entered the room to which Mr. X and Mr. A. had gone,) The children began to play together.

Then Mr. A. and Mr. X. visited a shop named "Religious Studies"—the shopkeeper greeted them by saying "Eid Mubarak." Music was to be heard outside—people were singing Eid songs, and playing (good) music, using a variety of instruments—harps, violins, xylophones, and so on. Mr. X and Mr. A. (bought) about 15 prayer mats, 10 copies of the Holy Quran, 100 prayer hats, 50 religious books, 200 suits of clothes and religious posters, on which was written the name of Allah Almighty (), and that of the Holy Prophet () Peace be upon him (The Holy Prophet Muhammed), and a religious magazine.

Mr. X. then had the idea of opening a small Mosque for children. Mr. A. said: "That’s a very good idea!" Then Mr. X. clicked his fingers, and golden bricks (came from all directions and assembled themselves in the form of a Mosque).

The next morning about 50,000 children and 10,000 adults came (very eagerly) to the Mosque. Mr. A. and Mr. X. were very happy that (their Mosque was being used). They taught to the little children the Holy Quran, and gave them lectures (on the understanding of Islam). (For good work) the little children were rewarded by prizes (such as delicious sweets). The little boys were taught on the first floor and the little girls on the second. The Mosque had very small lifts, and the Mosque was closed (everyday) at two o’clock (in the morning). (They supplemented the educational resources of the Mosque, and their own teaching performances with aids such as prayer hats and mats, copies of the Holy Quran and books on Islam.)

DREAM NO. 49: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Friday, 8th August, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were watching a film named "Allah Hoo Akbar" (God is Great). When it had finished, Mr. A. shouted out aloud, "Subhaanallah" (Glory be to God Almighty). (Then) Mr. A. and Mr. X. performed the Salaat.

DREAM NO. 50: Mr. X ‘s DREAM.
Wednesday, 13th April, 1986.

Mr. X. was teaching K. and her friend about the virtues of sending Tasliya, or Darud, to the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him (The Holy Prophet Muhammed). He was telling them that if they were to read a particular prayer,96 the Holy Prophet Peace be upon him (The Holy Prophet Muhammed) would intercede with Allah Almighty for their forgiveness on the Day of Judgement. On hearing this, K. was struck religiously in her heart and she began to cry (such was her belief in this Truth). Then the doorbell rang (the lesson was taking place in K.’s house) and K., still with tears in her eyes (and on her cheeks), went to open the door. As she went Mr. X. said, "(Don’t worry)97—these tears are (valuable) because they have flowed in the way of Allah Almighty." K. was embarrassed that she would be seen with tears in her eyes.98

Tuesday Night, 12th August, 1986.

Miss L. walked into a beautiful ballroom, holding a wedding invitation which was very heavy and made of gold. Everything inside the room was beautiful—the chairs were golden and silver and ruby. The walls were carved of jewellery and diamonds. Miss L. met many people, who were all very friendly. She stepped onto the stage, on which Mr. X. and his bride were seated. Golden stairs led up to the stage, and they were seated on big, golden chairs. Roses were all around them. Mr. X.’s bride was very shy—she did not look at Mr. X.

The bride was wearing an aristocratic burgundy frock with golden tassles. She wore much jewellery—necklaces, bracelets, earrings and such items. Mr. X. wore a grey, silvery suit. In the background was a very large prayer mat,99 on which was printed "ALLAH" (). All the guests tried to make Mr. X. and his bride hold hands, but the bride wouldn’t hold hands.

The ballroom was very crowded—there were over a thousand guests.100 (In front of everyone) Miss L. stepped onto the stage. She began to ask the bride many questions, such as "Do you like children?" The bride laughed, and her laughter echoed in the hall (it was most beautiful to hear, like an Angel singing). Her laughter was so melodious that everyone looked towards the stage (in awe).

Miss L. asked the bride for her name. It was something that resembled "Ibraheema." At length, Mr. X. and his bride rose from the golden chairs, and began to walk down the stairs. The bride was very shy, and was not holding Mr. X.’s hand. She suddenly fell over her frock, and actually fell into Mr. X.’s arms. The guests began to look and laugh, and Mr. X. put his arm around his bride. Then they continued to walk down the steps.

Context: Mr. X. had informed Miss L. that to have good, religious dreams was a real possibility. He had emphasised the need to remember Allah, the King of Kings, frequently, had explained the temporary nature of this current, worldly life (that after death is eternal), and had made her aware of prayers in Arabic, which glorified Allah, the Sovereign Lord, and hence were meritorious. Miss L. followed this advice and, after a few days, she dreamt the above dream, perhaps a sign from Allah that Mr. X. would be rewarded for his efforts.

DREAM NO. 52: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
April, 1986

Mr. A. and Mr. X. died in the way of Allah (Martyrs in Holy War, or Jihad). When they reached JANNAT (Heaven), they met many prophets one by one—Adam, Joseph, Noah, Younis, Suleiman, Dawood and Muhammed (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon them all).101 Mr. A. and Mr. X. shook hands with each of the Prophets.

"And if ye are slain, or die, in the way of Allah, Forgiveness and Mercy from Allah are better than all they could amass. And if ye die or are slain, Lo! It is unto Allah that ye are brought together." (III, 157, 158)

DREAM NO. 53: Mr. A.‘s DREAM.
Wednesday Night, 13th August, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were reading Salaat (prayer). So, too, were their wives and children.

Sunday, 14th September, 1986.

Mr. X. (the tutor) and:Mr. I. (the pupil) were sitting at a golden table. Mr. I. was writing with a pen on which was inscribed the name of the Holy Prophet () (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Mr. X. was writing with the same kind of pen. Mr. X. and Mr. I. were writing on sheets of silver paper, and the ink from the pens was golden. Mr. X. wore a purple velvet blazer, and Mr. I. wore a red velvet jumper (the colours and materials are aristocratic rewards for aristocratic deeds).

Context: Mr. I. benefitted from this dream after he had read two very important prayers given by Mr. X.:

1. "Allahumma barakli flu mauti wa fee maa ba’dal maut"—O Allah! Bless me when I die, and bless me after death." (25 times)

2."Allahumma sali alaa Muhammadin wa anzil hul muqa’dul muqarraba indaka yaumal qeeyamati."102 O Allah! Shower your blessings upon Muhammed (Peace be upon him) and select for him a nearest place to Thee and the most exalted place on the (awful) Day of Judgement."

Date not recorded.

Mr. U. saw that Mr. X. was standing in front of the Holy Ka’ba103 in Holy Mecca. Mr. X. bowed his head in front of the Ka’ba and touched this sacred House with his forehead.

Date not recorded.

An angel (invisible in the dream) brought* to Mr. G. a book, whose cover was made out of gold. In each of the front cover’s corners was written the name of Allah. In the middle of the book was written, "I begin in the name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate." The author of the book was Mr. X. The angel said to Mr. G., "If you desire to worship Allah Almighty from your heart,104 then read this book."

*("The angels glide along [on errands of mercy]" (LXXIX, 3)

November, 1986.

Mr. X. was listening to songs (music). Allah Almighty sent a message to him, "Why are you doing this (when you could be devoting your time to the remembrance of Allah)?" Mr. X. then turned off the songs and began to pray. Mr. X. was an (academic) tutor. Then suddenly Allah Almighty gave to Mr. X. more and more pupils (clients). With the fees, Mr. X. went on Pilgrimage to Holy Mecca, after a month. He was the only person allowed into Allah Almighty’s house.105 Mr. X. read two Nafi (Optional prayers) for the sake of his mother and father, inside Allah Almighty’s house. At length, when Mr. X. had finished praying, and had come out of the holy Ka’ba, he saw beautiful, golden trees and beautiful, golden houses.106

DREAM NO 58: Mr. X.‘s DREAM.
Date not recorded.

Mr. X. was teaching two very young pupils (a little boy and a little girl) Islamic eschatological knowledge. He was trying to make the point that this present, worldly life must not be taken for granted, and that one might die at any instant. He was trying to make the pupils aware of the need to do good deeds as frequently and as numerously as possible, before death struck, and a person could rely only on his or her worldly deeds to secure the mercy of Allah. After this "discussion" (the teaching had been informal—Mr. X. and the two pupils had been standing in a friendly circle), the children began to make their way home along a bending and narrow, leafy and aristocratic-looking country lane.

Suddenly, there was a loud crash—that of a road accident. The middle of the road was bloody, and someone had been killed. Mr. X. witnessed the accident, and was relieved that he had taught his pupils about the inevitability of death. (In other words, the road accident had practically demonstrated to his pupils the truth of his argument).107

January, 1987.

Mr. M. saw Mr. X., who was dressed in a long, black, shining cloak. He wore golden necklaces, one of which was squarely-shaped and contained a miniature Holy Quran. Mr. X. wore a sparkling, golden crown, which had two spikes at the front and three at the back. He was bare-footed and in a desert (around him was nothing but sand). He was smiling.108

March, 1987.

Mr. T., Mr. A. and their friends organised a football match between their own team (they were players in it) and another team, for the purpose of charity.109

DREAM NO. 61: Mr. X.‘s DREAM.
Monday, 8th September, 1986.

Mr. X. heard a loud (and pleasant) recital of verses in the Arabic language.110

DREAM NO. 62: Mr. X ‘s DREAM.
Monday, 7th October, 1991.

Mr. X. was in the home of a pupil for the purpose ot private tuition. He was asked a question about the pronunciation of the Prophet Abraham’s name and he gave the correct answer—that the pronunciation is, in fact, "Ibraheem."

Note: The dream was delightful in that the sound of this Prophet’s name conveyed a special sweetness, illustrating the fact that he is loved by Allah Most High.

Friday, 18th July, 1986.

Mr. A. was reciting Arabic. He was being taught by Mr. X.

November, 1986.

"There was news of an Islamic competition" at Victoria Park Mosque and I thought about entering it. One could do a project on Islam, or deliver lectures. Other groups of children had an adult with them, but my friends and I did not have an adult to help us. We read the rules of the competition and then left the Mosque. We bumped into Mr. X. We asked him if he would like to help us in the competition. He was delighted and said, ‘Can I look at the rules?’ When we had read the rules again, we left the Mosque to go to Mr. X.’s house. It was a house in JANNAT. On one of the walls was written, ALLAH and "Allah is Great ()." After learning the work for our project there, we then went to my house, which was similar to Mr. X.’s house, but not as precious. We took equipment out and began preparations for the project.

"The next week, the competition was held at Victoria Park Mosque. The prize winners were announced in reverse order. The judges said:

‘Third prize winners are...(applause)...Second prize winners are...(applause)...First prize winners are...(applause).’ Our group stared at the ground in disappointment, and we left the Mosque. But the judges announced: ‘We have made a mistake!’ and they began to confer with one another. We did not know this, and kept on walking. Then the judges announced: ‘First prize winners are Mr. X. and group!’ A boy ran after us to reveal this news and he called to Mr. X. who did not answer. The boy ran after Mr. X. and tugged at his leg, informing us that a mistake had been made.

Our group walked back towards the Mosque, hoping that the little boy had told the truth. We stepped into the Mosque just as the judges were about to award first prize. The judges announced once more: ‘The first prize winners are Mr. X. and group.’ Mr. X. jumped up in delight, and the boys in his group congratulated one another. Our group went onto the stage, in front of the audience. Prizes were awarded to our group—Mr. X. received a Gold Cup and a Certificate, and we (boys) were (each) awarded a Certificate and Silver Medal."

("The meaning of the Glorious Quran," Trans. by Abdullah YusufAli; Nadim and Co., London, 1983.)

Note: Consult Holy Quran for descriptions of Heaven, or Paradise. In the index, look for: gardens, rivers, eternal home, companions, mansions. Allah’s Mercy and Pleasure, fountains, peace and security, no lurking sense of injury, adornments, thrones, cool shades, thrones, fruits, honour and dignity, cup, chaste women, angels singing, bounty, rejoicing, dishes and goblets of gold, satisfaction, Allah’s Presence, happiness, food and drink, families, springs, carpets, chaste companions, service, fruits and meats, peace, light, highest achievement, bliss, Fountain of Abundance, adornments, cushions, lofty mansions. (In Yusuf Au’s translation, look under the entry "Heaven" for all these items.)

March, 1987

Mr. X. was seated on a large throne,112 which was adorned with a golden statue of a lion on each side. An angel was at each side of his throne, guarding him. Mr. X. was holding a golden staff, and wore a large golden crown, lined on the inside with blue velvet. He wore a read velvet cloak, on which diamonds, rubies and sapphires were studded. The throne was based on a golden cloud.

Sunday, 17th August, 1986.

Mr. I. had just left the Mosque when, suddenly, everything halted and the clouds opened up. An Archangel came down from the heavens and gave to Mr. I. a golden container, on which was inscribed a flower-pattern. Mr. I. went home, changed into casual clothes, and began a game of badminton with Mr. R. At length, Mr. I. felt thirsty, and he remembered the container of pure water. He drank all the water and then inserted the container back into his pocket. After a while, Mr. I. and Mr. R. had a rest from their game.

It was then that Mr. I. saw that a handicapped person had come up to him. He said, "Have you any water?" Mr. I. knew perfectly well that the container was empty, but he nevertheless decided to check anyway. To his amazement, the container was filled to the very top! The invalid drank this water, and not only began to walk, but actually played badminton with Mr. I. and Mr. R.!

That night, Mr. I. recited the first Kalimah (there is no God but Allah and Muhammed, may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, is the Prophet of Allah) and then went to sleep. Something awoke him. A golden "box" decorated in silver, came down from the heavens. Something made Mr. I. step inside it. Angels the size of butterflies carried the box upwards, onto a cloud foundation. Someone awarded Mr. I. a book as a prize (perhaps for noble and religious deeds). This book was decorated with gold flowers and golden lining. On it was written, "Love, affection (and generosity)." Mr. I. stepped back into the box, and was transported to his own room. He could not get to sleep and therefore decided to read the book. He read all night long, till morning. As he reached the very last page, more pages appeared—it was an endless book!

Monday, l3th January, 1986.

The scene appeared—Mr. F. saw a very beautiful tree, which belonged to Mr. X. There were very spacious plots of land around the tree. Mr. X.’s tree’s bark was golden, and its branches were a shining white which resembled silver. Around the tree were beautiful red and white flowers, which can never be seen in this world—if even one such flower were to appear in this world, the entire earth would benefit from its fragrance. Glistening fruit113 grew on Mr. X.’s tree and it was of a light green colour.

A golden chair was underneath the tree, and on it was seated Mr. X. His face was very beautiful, since it glistened with rays of light. Mr. X. said, "I want to eat this fruit!" Thereupon, one branch leant, of its own accord, towards his mouth. When Mr. X. had plucked the fruit, the branch, once again by itself, returned to its former position. Mr. F. came to Mr. X. and said, "Give me this fruit, which you have just picked." Mr. X. replied: "I will eat this fruit, but I will order another and I will give that to you!"

DREAM NO. 68: Mr. R.'s DREAM.
Tuesday, 26th August, 1986.

A brave man and a wise man were fighting side-by-side in holy war (Jiha114—a war between those who believe in Almighty God and those who do not). The brave man was strong and generous. However, he did not have much knowledge of Islam. The wise man, as well as being generous, had great knowledge of Islam. During the battle, the enemy hurled a trident at the brave man. However, he avoided it, but outstretched his arm so that he might catch it and throw it back. Just before his hand had made contact with the trident, he saw that the head of this weapon had been shaped into the name of "ALLAH" () (It had been transformed in mid-air.) Having grasped the trident, he was electrocuted on the very spot in the way of Allah Almighty, and bearing the name of Allah.115 The wise man, seeing that his own death was likewise imminent, began to recite verses from the Holy Quran. He also died in the way of Allah Almighty.116

DREAM NO. 69: Mr. A.'s DREAM.
Wednesday, 25th June, 1986.

Mr. A. began to pray. He was very happy because he had been able to donate an Islamic book, which he had written himself, to the world’s best University. He finished prayer (Salaat), and then went to tell this good news to Mr. X. When Mr. X. heard this, he said: "I have donated a book too," and they both shook hands. Mr. A. then went to the University with Mr. X. in a religious competition, they both won (joint) first prize. The Chancellor announced the first prize: either a week’s trip to Holy Mecca, or £5,000 plus a holiday to Malta. Mr. A. chose to go to Mecca, while (surprisingly) Mr. X. chose the Malta holiday.

Mr. A. returned from Mecca after enjoying his pilgrimage greatly. Mr. X. also returned from Malta. Everyone at the University asked Mr. X. why he had chosen to go to Malta. He replied: "I will tell you later...we will all be really happy for what I did!"

When Mr. X. came to the University the next day, no one spoke to him)117 He said: "Come here, everyone!" but there was no response. Then Mr. A., who still spoke to Mr. X., shouted: "Come here, everyone!" and all came running.

Mr. X. said: "I haven’t that £5,000 now—I’ve donated it to a very small Mosque." Then everyone was really sorry that Mr. X. had been misunderstood, and had thought him a bad person. Everyone said, "Sorry," and then the dream finished.

Monday night, 8th September, 1986.

Mr. X. was tutoring Mr. T. in Mr. T.’s house. The next day was the day of Mr. T.’s "A" level exams. Mr. T. sat them. He then had results that he had passed, and he was overjoyed. Mr. T. prayed to Allah Almighty that both his parents, who had helped in life, be admitted to Paradise.118 Mr. T. prayed on a blue prayer mat, in the same room in which Mr. X. had taught him. Having read "Isha," he went to sleep.

The next morning, Mr. T. and his family were pleasantly surprised to discover that they inhabited a beautiful and peaceful place.

DREAM NO. 71: Mr. X.‘s DREAM
Wednesday, 8th October, 1986.

Mr. X.’s grandfather sent to Mr. X.’s father a beautiful, colourful "Eid Card," on which were written the name of ALLAH () and that of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) ().

Saturday, 4th April, 1987.

Hungry, lonely, homeless and poor beggars stood around a golden box. Their clothes were ragged. Mr. X. walked up to them, and saw (the condition) of the clothes they were wearing. He knew the secret of the Golden Box)119 Mr. X. opened the lid of this box, and a huge, golden tree, bearing golden fruits (apples, pears, peaches, etcetera, all grew on this one tree) came out of the box. The tree grew and grew, limitlessly, and its fruits came down. The beggars, who were hungry, bit the fruits. Then their clothes were transformed into completely new ones—they now wore robes which were studded with diamonds. They were amazed, and they thanked Mr. X. The now rich men went their different ways, and each then saw his own home—a huge mansion, around the golden walls of which grew silver flowers. They had their own swimming pools in the mansions—silver walls lined the sides of the swimming pools.120

DREAM NO. 73: Mr. A.'s DREAM.
Friday night, 10th April, 1987.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. and their army were fighting against those who did not believe in Allah. We were 18 believers against 500 disbelievers. We were fighting with our hands, but they fought with weapons (spears and daggers); we were wearing white clothes, but they wore black121 ones. As we killed them, white blood poured out of them. When the disbelievers were struck by punches, so much white blood came pouring out of their mouths that their black clothes became white. As we ended the battle, one of the disbelievers stuck a spear into Mr. X.’s back. As soon as the spear went in, everyone cried out, "Allah Hoo Akbar"122 (Allah is Great) and then, to Mr. A.’s astonishment, a flash of lightning (it was a sunny day) struck the man who had killed Mr. X. Everyone was sad that Mr. X. had died, because he was the leader of the believers.

DREAM NO. 74: Mr. A.'s DREAM.
Monday night, 11th August, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were praying. When they had finished, they went to a place which was one of the best places in JANNAT (Paradise).

Shab-I-Barat, 1987.

(After the day of judgement) Mr. X. was walking on a bridge, on his way to JANNAT (Paradise) when, suddenly, the bridge collapsed. But angels quickly grasped him, and took him to JANNAT. Outside Paradise was the word JANNAT—so massive that its end could not be seen (this word just faded). The letter N opened, and Mr. X. stepped inside JANNAT. Mr. X. saw the Holy Quran there—its cover was golden and its writing was silver. The Angels said to Mr. X., "Read the first section123 of the Holy Quran!" Mr. X. read it and, when he had finished, his house in Paradise was there—it was a massive, transparent, crystal palace. In the middle of it was written "Allah" () in silver writing.

DREAM NO. 76: Mr. A.'s DREAM.
Monday night, 18th August, 1986

Mr. A. was extremely happy because one of his sons had completed the first Arabic reading of the Holy Quran.124 Mr. A. threw a party in celebration. There was much food available in the party—ruby apples, silver drinks and diamond grapes on little leaves. Mr. A. was so generous in giving presents to his son that the guests were surprised.125 When everyone had finished dinner, it was time for Salaat (prayer).

DREAM NO. 77: Mr. X.'s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. was on his knees126 in the front room of his mansion, loudly praising and glorifying Allah Almighty. At length, he left the room, still on his knees (walking on the knees was effortless and "natural" in the dream). Mr. X. saw his own aristocratic, winding staircase, and he shouted at the servant on duty outside the room which he had left. Mr. X., still on his knees, "walked" outside his mansion and saw that the night had fallen. He stopped at a bridge, underneath which flowed a river)127 Looking around, Mr. X. noticed small lights coming from small houses. Mr. X. gained the impression that his mansion was far superior to these other dwellings.

April, 1987.

Mr. A. was praying for a child to Allah Almighty.128 Then as soon as he had read a special prayer, a child came into his arms. Mr. A. said, "Subhaanallah (Glory be to Allah)."

Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. saw the hallway of K.’s house. It contained items of furniture like coat-stands. On the right-hand side (of a person entering the house) was an elegant-looking mirror, and a little distance away (displayed on the same wall) was Mr. X.’s work entitled, "Prayers in Islam." Looking very aristocratic, it was glistening, and appeared to possess power. Although in worldly life the work consisted of over sixty pages, in the dream the entire work was slightly larger than one piece of A4 paper. Its beauty decorated the entire house.

Context: Mr. X. had given a copy of his compilation of "Prayers in Islam" to K. to read. Its beauty in the dream represents the Praise and Glory given to Allah Almighty throughout the book. The fact that it was permanently displayed in the hallway suggests that K. valued it and made use of the prayers. The work was powerful because it acknowledged the Power of Allah Almighty.

Tuesday, 31st March, 1987.

Miss H. went on holiday to an Islamic Country. She went on the seaside, and rode a camel. She nearly fell off. She saw women observing the "Purdah."129

Date unrecorded.

In Paradise, Mr. X. was behind a counter. He was serving a very long queue of people. They were carrying pails. The pail would be given to Mr. X. who would then step back, fill the pail with milk from the River of Milk, and then hand it back.130 The River of Milk ran behind Mr. X.’s counter and the people in the queue had no direct access to it. Mr. U. was one of the people in the queue (and he received preferential service from Mr. X., whom he knew).

Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. was making his way to a very historical and important-looking, though small, library. It was made of stone. Mr. X. climbed some steps to the entrance and entered the catalogue-hall. He wanted to locate an Islamic book which he himself had both written and donated. When he found it, he discovered that it had been stamped many times (this suggested that his book was being well-used).

Wednesday, 20th August, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were both wearing clean clothes, to perform Salaat. They then performed the prayer. Afterwards, they both prepared to go to a place called "Lake District"131 to donate a book entitled, "The Way of Islam."

Thursday night, 12th August, 1986.

Mr. A. was donating a book on Islam, which he and Mr. X. had written, to a library in Mexico City.

Thursday, l7th July, 1986.

Mr. A. was drinking lemonade and Mr. X. was drinking orangeade. While drinking, they noticed that the time for Salaat had come. They threw away their cans132 and took out their mats. At exactly Maghrib (sunset) time, Mr. A. began Salaat and the dream ended.

Tuesday night, 12th August, 1986.

Mr. A. was in an aeroplane.133 He was sitting next to a person who was going to Egypt for the same reason as himself—to donate an Islamic Book to a library. Mr. A. saw a Sapphire pyramid.

Friday night, 15th August, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. did shopping for the feast of Eid—which was to take place on the next day. Mr. A. woke up and felt very happy that it was the day of Eid. His family put on their best clothes. Mr. A. and Mr. X. went to the Mosque to perform the Eid prayer, and then they returned home to eat. The plates were trimmed with real gold and the glasses were made of silver. Mr. A. and his family received an Eid card, made of gold, with silver writing.

Sunday, 20th July 1986.

Mr. A. owned a Halal butcher’s shop. He was cutting meat. Mr. X. came into the shop then and said, "Can I have 50 lambs and 30 chickens and 80 sheep?" Mr. A. said, "Stop fooling about and tell me what you really want, brother." Mr. X. said, "I want two chickens and half a lamb." Mr. A. said, "Right away." Then Mr. A. said, "We have sheep too, if you want it." Mr. X. replied, "I haven’t enough money." Mr. A. slapped Mr. X. on the face and said, "Have I ever charged you before?" "No," said Mr. X. Then Mr. A. said, "Well, be quiet, and I’ll cut you a full sheep." (At length) Mr. X. said, "You have made all134 this meat for me, but I can’t carry it home with me." Mr. A. replied, "You’re getting round my nerves—have I never delivered your meat before?" Mr. X. said, "calm down,135 now, it’s time for Salaat."

Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. was teaching one of his pupils about purity136 before Salaat.

Date unrecorded.

Mr. A. fell down the stairs and broke his arm and leg. Mr. X. quickly called an ambulance. When it came, he said, "Take him quickly!" He went with them too.137 Mr. A. was both unconscious and very pale. Mr. X. saw Mr. A.’s condition and started to worry a lot. Mr. A. was admitted to the hospital. His arm and leg were put in plaster. He was soon in an invalid’s chair, and then Mr. X. prayed for him.138 When Mr. A. recovered at length, the first thing he did was to pray to Allah Almighty.

Tuesday morning, 23rd December, 1986.

Mr. X. saw two Islamic books in his dream. He had written one of them, and someone had written the other one. The title of Mr. X.’s book was golden, but that of the other book was not. Mr. X.’s book’s title was glistening, but the title of the other book did not glisten. Mr. X. gained the impression that his book was superior.

Saturday, 6th September, 1986.

Mr. X. visited a college to donate a book that he himself had written.139 The librarian and his assistant met Mr. X. He explained his purpose. Mr. X. was bluntly told that his donation would not be acceptable. Mr. X. was then cross-examined by the librarian and his assistant, and he answered some very difficult questions. They were seated and Mr. X. was standing. The questions were very difficult and Mr. X. was very nervous (it was like being interviewed for a job). After a while, however, the assistant revealed that Mr. X.’s book would be accepted by the College Library. Mr. X. was quite surprised, and he was informed that the librarian and his assistant had changed their minds. Mr. X. then left the college at length, and on his way he saw people leaving a Mosque. They had just read special prayers—it was the day of Eid.

Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. saw a Holy Quran which was actually made of river reeds. This Holy Book looked aristocratic,140 sophisticated, and powerful, and its appearance cannot be described.

Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. was explaining to very young pupils about the end of the world—The "Qiyamat," "Doomsday," as described in the Holy Quran by the verses:

When the Sky is cleft asunder;

When the Stars are scattered;

(LXXXII, 1-2)

When the Sun...Is folded up;

When the Stars fall, losing their lustre;

(LXXXI, 1-2)

Mr. X. was explaining the fall of stars on a piece of paper. To get his point effectively, Mr. X. was drawing like this:

Saturday, 21st February, 1987.

Mr. X. went to visit his friend. He took his little daughter with him. In the friend’s house, an old man and woman were praying on a prayer mat. The little girl said, "Daddy, what are they doing?" Mr. X. said,"141 (Mr. X. meant, "Don’t disturb them because they are praying to the Lord of the Worlds.")

The Holy Month of Ramadhan, Year unknown.

Mr. X. was on his death-bed, about to die, and someone142 told him: "Over 50 people have prayed for your forgiveness (to Allah Most High)."

Saturday, 6th June, 1987.

Mr. X. and Mr. A. were fighting against those who did not believe in Allah.143 A spear was about to pierce Mr. A., but Mr. X. caught it (and killed the enemy with it).

Monday night, 28th July, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were in the University library. They were studying144 books on the Islamic Religion, written by non-Muslim authors. They wished to see what kind of untruthful things non-Muslims wrote about Muslims. But in one of the books it was written that the Holy Prophet (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was a very, very clever Prophet. It contained the facts about how the Prophet (Peace be upon him) looked and about his history—how he coped with the non Muslims. They extracted (a great deal of knowledge) and then used it to write their own books.

Sunday, l5th June, 1986.

Mr. A. was writing down one of his dreams with a golden pen on silver paper, which had been ruled with golden lines. Mr. X. sat with him. Mr. A. wrote, light (which became brighter and brighter) began to issue from his work. Mr. X. noticed this light. When Mr. X. began to talk, precious items, such as gold, flowers and valuable gems, fell out of his mouth.

DREAM NO. 100: MR. A.'s DREAM.
April, 1986.

Mr. A. was travelling to Hajj.145 The aeroplane was full of passengers, except for one empty seat next to a person who had two briefcases and a large bag. He wore a white suit and sunglasses. Mr. A. sat next to him and they made friends. Mr. A. asked him, "Ai-e you going to perform Hajj or are you going to Holy Mecca for another reason?" The reply was, "I’m going for another reason—I am going to donate the Islamic Books that I have written." Mr. A. asked, "Please may I have one of your books?" Mr. X. replied, "Why not?" Mr. A. looked at the (author’s) name—it was Mr. X. The books were golden—one was entitled "Religious Manners" and another was called "Religious Dreams."

DREAM NO. 101: MR. A.'s DREAM.
Monday, 2nd June, 1986.

Mr. X. and Mr. A. were sitting down on a silver sofa, discussing the religion of Islam. Mr. A. was narrating and Mr. X. was writing down the narrations (perhaps dreams) with a golden pen, which shone very, very brightly, on silver paper. Mr. X. was leaning (the paper) on a diamond tablet.

DREAM NO. 102: MR. A.'s DREAM.
Monday, 3Oth June, 1986.

Mr. A. learnt that his friend, Mr. X., had been successful in an Islamic degree. Mr. A. had also himself passed the same degree simultaneously. To celebrate, he bought food worth £94 and donated it to a Mosque.146 Mr. A. and Mr. X. were so happy with their success that they also went on Pilgrimage to Holy Mecca.

DREAM NO. 103. MR. A.'s DREAM.
Saturday, 2lst June, 1986.

Mr. A. was asleep, and a word came into his mind—the word was "Religion."

DREAM NO. 104: MR. A.'s DREAM.
Monday night, 9th June, 1986.

Mr. A. and Mr. X. were thinking of going on Pilgrimage to Holy Mecca, which costs money. But they didn’t have the necessary money, so they collected money from everywhere, but they still needed £200. Then Mr. A. sold his television and video for £400, so that they both had £200 spending money. Mr. X. didn’t know that Mr. A. had sold his things. When Mr. A. got the tickets, Mr. X. gave an exclamation of surprise— "Huh?" After praying at two o’clock, they then travelled to the airport for the seven o’clock flight.

DREAM NO. 105: MR. X.'s DREAM.
August, 1987.

Mr. X.’s father urged Mr. X. to begin teaching in tuition lessons with, "I begin in the name of Allah, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful."147

DREAM NO. 106: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

An institution in Huddersfield sent to Mr. X. clothes of honour (for example, an aristocratic-looking blazer, with a maroon stripe). Mr. X. felt very pleased and respected. His mother was helping him to try on the blazer, in front of a mirror. Mr. X. was overjoyed when he woke up from the dream.

Context: Mr. X. had travelled by train to several institutions in Huddersfield (for example, Central Library, District Education Department, Polytechnic) to offer copies of his Islamic works. One institution had been very pleased, and had taken (five) copies of each of his works. This dream indicated the pleasure, approval and blessing of Allah Most High. Mr. X’s mother appeared in the dream because one of the works had been dedicated to his parents by Mr. X.

DREAM NO. 107: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

The University of Z sent to Mr. X. a red robe (perhaps a robe for a Doctors’ Degree), which had spots of dark (spilt) ink on it. Accompanying the gown was a (negative) letter from the University—also partly covered with inky spots. Despite this, Mr. X. felt most honoured to receive the gown (a very bright red colour) along with the letter. Both these gifts floated towards Mr. X.’s house, and presented themselves to him. Mr. X. gained the impression that the gown was a very special reward for righteous deeds. Again, Mr. X. was overjoyed when he woke up from his dream, and he felt that he had accomplished something special.

Context: Mr. X. had travelled from Manchester to Z University, hoping to place his Islamic works in the University Library. The acquisitions librarian asked Mr. X. to leave the works for consideration by the University as to whether they should be accepted. A week or so later, however, the works were rejected and passed onto another institution (as had been requested by Mr. X.). Copies were not taken for the University Library. When he learnt of what had happened (from the University’s letter), Mr. X. was obviously very upset, since all his effort had been wasted and, moreover, his works had been "snubbed." Then Allah All-Powerful gave to Mr. X. the above dream in which it is evident that, according to Allah, Mr. X.’s efforts and striving deserved a gown of honour. The blotched letter signifies the librarian’s wrong deed,148 and the blemished gown denotes any worldly university’s imperfection of granting honour, when compared with gifts from the Most Majestic—a robe of honour granted by Allah Almighty would, that is to say, be perfect.

DREAM NO. 108: MR. A.'s DREAM.
Friday, l0th July, 1987.

Mr. X. was sitting down, happily eating grapes. Mr. A. passed by and said, "They are nice grapes," to which Mr. X. replied, "Here, let us share."149 So Mr. A. sat down with Mr. X., and the two ate the grapes even more happily (than Mr. X. had been eating before). The grapes were as big as apples and silver.

Context: The grapes are probably religious knowledge, and their beauty and value correspond to reward and benefit or religious knowledge.

DREAM NO. 109: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. was walking along, eating a bar of chocolate. He then came to a bridge under which flowed a stream. Mr. X. broke off two squares of chocolate, and threw them in the stream. He said, "This is for the sake of Allah."150

DREAM NO. 110: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. saw the Holy Ka’ba in Holy Mecca, and the Mosque of the Holy Prophet (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) at Holy Medina. in the courtyard, Mr. X. saw beautiful pink and white tiles. When Mr. X. woke up, he felt as if he had been to Hajj (Pilgrimage). He felt happy and secure.

DREAM NO. 111: MR. X.'s DREAM.
August, 1987.

Mr. X. saw the conducting of a Muslim burial in a graveyard.151 The Maulvi ("Muslim priest") said certain words, and a beautifully-comfortable cover152 appeared for the coffin of the deceased Muslim.

DREAM NO. 112: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. saw K. sitting outside a launderette. She was looking very unrefined and "ordinary." (They both went to Mr. X.’s room.)153 Once inside the room, K. began to comb her hair.154 She called Mr. X. "Mister" affectionately, and also was struck with surprise (and awe) that he could speak two different languages. Mr. X. saw K. kneel (her legs were unclothed)155 K. was wearing a dress up to her knees. Mr. X. saw an anklet on K.’s ankle. It was glistening (there will never exist an anklet like that in this world). The anklet was made of an indescribable substance, though it resembled crystal. Mr. X. was so happy in the warmth of K.’s company that, when he noticed the time, he realised that he was four hours late for his next pupil. He had completely lost track of time! When Mr. X. woke up from the dream, he felt that the feelings, and passion of the feeling, could never be matched by those in waking life.

Context: K. was a student at the same university as Mr. X. He had met her many times in and around the university. Taking advantage of the meetings, he had tried to indoctrinate K. with Islamic knowledge, giving her Islamic works to read and learn from. (Dream No. 50 above was one of the results of his efforts.) Whilst studying, Mr. X. was also tutoring for an agency in his free time. On one particular occasion, K. asked Mr. X. about his tutoring, and remarked, "My brother might (tutor) as well. Mr. X. interpreted this as K. meaning that she, too, wanted to (tutor) as well" (in other words, a request for help). Knowing K.’s character, Mr. X. realised that she was too shy to say that she, herself, also wanted to tutor and that could she have some information? Mr. X. was tempted to be selfish, and to withdraw the necessary information (in case K. might be more successful than he, or in case she secured pupils that he might otherwise have been able to teach). However, Mr. X. rejected this satanic influence and gave to K. the name and address of the agency for whom he worked.156 By doing so, Mr. X. reckoned that he would be doing an excellent deed, for which Allah Almighty would recompense him in full.157

DREAM NO. 113: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. saw his medal (which he had probably been awarded for Islamic knowledge) in his dream. It was glistening. Words were written on the coin. Mr. X. could remember only the word, "Scholar." (The Holy Prophet [May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon him] has said: "The ink of a scholar is more precious than the blood of a Martyr.")

DREAM NO. 114: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. dreamt158 that Mr. G.H. had been married to a Hur,159 or beautiful wife in Paradise.

Context: Mr. G.H. was a friend of Mr. X.’s family, and he had died a few weeks before this dream. Mr. G.H.’s reward is conveyed in this dream, perhaps for his piety and righteousness in this life. (A good wife is symbolic of happiness: this dream was a message that the situation of Mr. G.H. was very happy after death. Mr. X. told this dream to Mr. G.H.’s family, implying that they should not worry too much about him.)

DREAM NO. 115: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. saw two of his pupils (whom he tutored privately) performing the Salaat. They were prostrating to Allah Almighty on a thick, red carpet and in an aristocratic-looking room.

DREAM NO. 116: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Friday, 4th September, 1987.

Mr. P. and his family visited Mr. X.’s family. In their honour, Mr. X. brought provisions from the supermarket. He picked up a product, with a view to buying it, but a member of his family examined the ingredients and pointed out that the food was not Halal’6° because of the inclusion of one haram (prohibited) ingredient. Mr. X. then chose something else of the same kind, but which was Halal, from the supermarket. When he returned from shopping, Mm. X. was requested to recite the Holy Quran (perhaps for the benefit of the visitors). Mr. X. became depressed and said that he couldn’t read~ very well (too slow, hesitant and correcting himself often). However, he was told, "There are others (Muslims) who cannot recite even like you." (This implied that the recitation of the Holy Quran is very important—it does not matter how good you are; what matters is the willingness and effort of recitation.)

DREAM NO. 117: MR. R.'s DREAM.
August, 1987.

Mr. R. and other Muslim worshippers were sitting in a Mosque, listening to the Imam’s speech. (He was talking about Paradise.) In the middle of the speech, a small, clean, brown mouse scurried into the Mosque. Several people got up to try to chase it and kill it. However, the Imam studied the mouse closely, arid he discovered that this small animal was stopping and listening to the speech. The Imam signalled to the men to sit down (and leave the mouse alone). Then the mouse, too, sat down in the front row. It listened to the rest of the Imam’s speech, after which Mr. R. called the Adhan. Everyone, including the little mouse, rose to pray.

Meaning:Animals too praise Allah Almighty, and worship him.162 They give glory to God Almighty because he has created out of nothing. They did not exist; he made them and gave them the pleasure of life. Moreover, one must never call a creature "ugly" since God has made it the way He willed.

DREAM NO. 118: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Wednesday, 9th September, 1987.

Mr. X. saw a piece of Halal chicken being sold in a Muslim take-away shop. The owner of the shop was Muslim and his wife (had converted to Islam from Christianity).163

Date unrecorded.

Mr. J. and Mr. X. joined forces with a great number of other Muslims, and they all wrote a book about the rules and nature of Islam. They managed to achieve publication of the book and then distributed it world-wide. They became very wealthy164 because so many people bought copies of the book (very large quantities were sold). Their office was located in a "sky-scraper" in a "rich"165 country. Mr. J., Mr. X. and their colleagues went to conferences, and they gained a great deal of publicity on account of their book. (Newspaper reporters) asked them, "How did you write the book?" Photographs were taken, and these appeared in newspapers. (At the end of one conference Mr. J. and Mr. X.) drove home in their Mercedes car. (Mr. X. was bearded, and he wore dark sunglasses.)

DREAM NO. 120: Y.'s DREAM.
September, 1987

Y. was sitting, in a depressed state, in the front of her house. She wanted to be alone, all by herself. Suddenly, she discovered that she was able to fly, and began to gradually soar into the air. She flew at a great altitude in the sky, and could see tiny houses below. She felt so terrified that she recited the first Kalimah (the declaration of faith) twice:166 "La Ilaha Illallaho Muhammed Ar-Rasool Ullah S.A.W.; There is no God (worthy of Worship), but only Allah, and Muhammed (Peace be upon him) is the messenger of Allah." After she had read this, a camera suddenly appeared in Y.’s hand, and she took photographs of the tomb of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) at Holy Medina, and of the Holy Ka’ba at Holy Mecca. After this, Y. began to gradually descend toward the ground. When Y. came to her house, she showed the photographs to her mother.

DREAM NO. 121: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Tuesday, 22nd September, 1987.

Mr. X. saw a Muslim Irnain reading and performing the Salaat. He felt glad that this person was so religious, and was glorifying Allah, the Master of the Universe. Then Mr. X. became self-conscious, and noticed that he himself, too, was also performing the Salaat)117

DREAM NO. 122: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

On either side of Mr. X. stood a row of beautiful, young ladies, who belonged only to him. They were his as a reward from Allah Almighty for his statement: "It is beyond my dignity to dance."

Context: Mr. X. had contemplated on the act of "dancing."168 He could not imagine himself dancing, and he thought to himself: "It is beyond my dignity to dance." He resolved never, ever to dance, even though he had never danced before. The above dream confirmed Allah Almighty’s appreciation of this resolution.

DREAM NO. 123: MR. X.'s DREAM.
Saturday, 21st November, 1987.

Mr. X., the tutor, received a telephone call from one of his pupils, who said:169 "I’ve enquired from someone else about what you told me, but I have been informed that (in contradiction to what you have taught) there is no such concept as ‘Islamic Spiritualism."170

Mr. X. replied: "I will explain further later, when I visit your home for the tuition lesson. (For the time being understand that) what I meant was not ‘Islamic Spiritualism’ as such but, rather, ‘Sufism’ (which involves the drawing near of the Spirit, or Soul, or Ruh to Allah Almighty, the Most High, through devotion to Him and remembrance of Him)."

DREAM NO. 124: MR. X.’s DREAM.
November, 1987.

Mr. X. saw that two of his Muslim pupils were performing Salaat (Obligatory prayers). Their heads were covered with shawls in such modesty and piety that even the sides of their faces were covered.

DREAM NO. 125: MR. A.’s DREAM.
November, 1987.

Mr. A. and his children were on their way to a Mosque. Having reached it, Mr. A. absentmindedly began to enter with his shoes on. Just as he was about to enter the Mosque, his children said, "Stop! Take your shoes off, father!"

DREAM NO. 126: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Friday, 4th December, 1987.

Mr. X. was having a meal. Having eaten it, he went outside. He saw many Muslims ladies, who all wore ~ Then he remembered that he had eaten on the very first day172 of the Holy month of Ramadhan, the month of fasting for the sake of Allah Almighty. Mr. X. felt most ashamed, and he repented—he made a firm resolution to keep the remaining fasts.173

Date unrecorded.

Miss O. saw that Mr. X. was performing the Wudhu (Ablution). He then began to recite the Holy Quran.174

DREAM NO. 128: MR. X.‘s DREAM.
Monday, 7th December, 1987.

Mr. X. was teaching a pupil called "Fiona"175 in a private tuition lesson. (As well as teaching subjects as Mathematics and English Language, he was accustomed to use the time to teach her Islamic Knowledge, especially with regard to Islamic dreams.) During the course of one such lesson, Fiona said to him: "I had a (good) dream; I dreamt that you and I were (husband and wife)."176

DREAM NO. 129: MR. E.’s DREAM.
December, 1987.

Mr. E.177 saw a figure, whose back was toward him, sitting on a stone, and wearing a green head-shawl and long robe. Mr. E. went to the person and said, "Who are you?" The person, still with his back to Mr. E. said: "I am Muhammed (The Holy Prophet, Peace be upon me)."

DREAM NO. 130: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Friday, 11th December, 1987.

Mr. X. was teaching one of his pupils178 in a private tuition lesson. During the lesson, he inspected an exercise book of the pupil, from school. (Mr. X. was accustomed to check on the general progress of pupils at school by glancing through their books.) In the book, Mr. X. saw a very scholarly diagram179 of the historic building of the John Rylands University Library of Manchester on Deansgate, Manchester. Mr. X. realised that there was a very strong link between this Library and the Islamic Religion—his own works on Islam (which he had both written and donated) were in this Library.

DREAM NO. 131: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. and Miss GMB were sitting in a Sociology Tutor’s room at college. They were both "Sociology" students, and were in a Seminar.180 The tutor was also present, but no other students. Mr. X. told Miss GMB that he had donated an Islamic Book, which he had himself written, to a library in Rome.181 When Miss GMB heard this, she laughed very pleasant laughter182—she expressed her happiness and celebration.

DREAM NO. 132: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. was walking to the Dean and Chapter Library, Durham.183 There was brilliant white snow everywhere. Mr. X. passed by villages as he walked, and the scenery was wonderful. He came to a library, which was a small but historic building (it was made of stone). Mr. X. went upstairs, and into the library itself. In the corner, he saw a table on its own. On it lay an Islamic book that Mr. X. had both written and donated himself. When he looked closely, he noticed that his book was being well-used, since the pages were about to become worn. Then Mr. X. began to walk (back) to Manchester. When he reached home, he saw a cupboard in the Hall—in it were trophies.

DREAM NO. 133: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. saw his own grave184 It was in a delightful, spacious, green park, which belonged to Farnworth Public Library (Bolton Metropolitan Borough), and he was honoured that all this park was allocated for only his grave. Quite close to Mr. X.’s grave, in the park, was a very aristocratic, dome-shaped building (like a Mosque but more a monument). Inscribed on it were verses in Arabic185 (probably verses from the Holy Quran). Across the road was Farnworth Library itself. It seemed to Mr. X. in the dream that his grave was privileged enough to be in the park by virtue of his donation of copies of his Islamic works to the Farnworth Library.

DREAM NO. 134: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Sunday, 20th December, 1987.

Mr. X. was at the house186 of one of his friends. He heard the beautiful and pleasant recital of Arabic prayers, being read in Salaat, from a distance.

DREAM NO. 135: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Monday, 21st December, 1987.

Mr. X. was offering to his brother, Mr. Z., fruits187

January, 1988.

Mr. X. was making an Islamic speech to an audience. (He either made or wanted to make the point that)188 if a person were to read a particular prayer,189 he or she could benefit from the vision (in a dream or otherwise) of his or her (Palace) (to be lived in for eternity) as a reward, from Allah Almighty, for reading that prayer. As soon as he had completed his lecture, many people left the gathering.190

DREAM NO. 137: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Sunday, l7th January, 1988.

Mr. X. was teaching his younger brother and sister about Islam.

DREAM NO. 138: MR. P.’s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. was teaching Mr. P. Either an Angel or a man (Mr. P. could not recall which) approached them. Whitish-grey smoke came from all directions. Mr. X. then disappeared. The angel or man spoke to Mr. P. It said: "When you become older, you will become a wealthy man and not a bad (evil) person. You will go to Heaven (Paradise)."

Date unrecorded.

Mrs. N.S. was in Arabia. She was wearing Arabian dress. She saw a large pot and the Holy Quran (made of silver and gold—either golden pages with silver writing or vice-versa) floating from the sky towards her house. The Holy Quran was coming first. When the pot landed, every needy person got a share of sustenance. Mrs. N.S. received the most sustenance. She heard someone reciting the Holy Quran.191

Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. walked through the door and came into Miss V.’s house. He was her teacher. He was wearing a golden jacket and jersey and silver trousers. He gave to Miss V. an Islamic book which he had himself written. He said, "Read it."

Miss V. began to read the first page. (Then) on the second page, she saw a picture, on which were Islamic Mosques, including the Holy Ka’ba (Makka) and the Holy Prophet’s (Peace be upon him) Mosque (Medina). A voice came. It said, "Look at the picture carefully." Miss V. did as she was told, and she saw herself there (she entered the picture). She went into a Holy Building and saw her mother, father, brothers, aunties and uncles, cousins and friends there, and also Mr. X. The voice commanded, "Go to that table and break the gold apart with your hands." When Miss V. tried, the first time, she could not break the golden mass. The voice said, "Try again." This time, Miss V. managed to break the gold into small pieces. The voice ordered: "Give one piece (each?) to your friends and aunties and uncles and cousins, and give the larger pieces to your parents and brothers, and to your teacher (Mr. X.)."

In the Holy building was a many-paged book, made out of gold, written by Mr. X. The voice advised, "Tear it and give small sections to your friends and aunties and uncles and cousins, and larger pieces to your parents and brothers and to your teacher (Mr. X.)." Miss V. distributed sections to everyone, and something (large) fell into her lap (when Miss V. woke up, she could not remember what it was)

DREAM NO. 141: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Tuesday, 26th January, 1988.

There was a dreadful accident. Among the victims was an eight-year-old boy whose mouth was damaged so badly that it became horrifically deformed. (In the dream, there was a suggestion that he was from a Royal Family.) He had to be fed through a tube, which was inserted (into his stomach) through his nose. Mr. X. became very frightened at his condition and contemplated on the Power of Allah Almighty. He prayed to Allah Almighty that the same misfortune should not strike him, and begged Allah Almighty for mercy.192

Note: This was not a nightmare—although this dream was effective, it was not disturbing.

Date unrecorded.

Mr. K.S. went into the Holy Ka’ba and donated many, many copies of the Holy Quran. After that, he read Salaat inside the Holy Ka’ba. He felt very pleased with himself (his soul knew that it had done good deeds.193 When he went outside, he saw a bright, green light in the sky. In that light was written: "In the name of Allah (Almighty), Most Compassionate, Most Merciful."194

DREAM NO. 143: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Friday, 5th February 1988.

It was the day of the wedding of the daughter of Mr. R.A. The daughter herself came to invite Mr. X. to her wedding. She actually cared to come to Mr. X.’s (own) room. Mr. X. was not simply a guest—he was one of the organisers of the wedding. His duty was to transport guests to the wedding venue in his car. Mr. X. was treated with kindness and respect by Mr. R.A.

Context: Mr. R.A. was an acquaintance of Mr. X.’s father. He was a religious person, pleasant and polite to those whom he met. He talked with respect even to those younger than himself in age. He wore Islamic dress, clean and white. He regularly visited the Mosque, regularly performed the Salaat, and sought good, religious company. After he had dreamt the above dream, Mr. X. felt that, since He is the Cherisher, Allah Almighty acknowledged the righteousness195 of Mr. R.A.

DREAM NO. 144: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Friday, 5th February, 1988.

There was an exhibition of theses at Manchester Polytechnic. Thirty or so desks were arranged in rows in a room, and on each desk was a thesis. A famous politician came (especially) to inspect the theses. Being about to examine a thesis, he left it when he saw Mr. X.’s thesis. Instead, he inspected this latter thesis and gave Mr. X. a review of about a page and a quarter of A4 paper in length. When Mr. X. awoke, he could remember only two words of the whole review—"Very Good."

February, 1988.

Mr. X. and his little daughter, aged about three, were walking in a street. The child’s mother was K. (see Dreams Nos. 50 and 112 above). The little girl wore sparkling, white clothes196—a frilly frock and tights. Her face was radiant, shining with light.

DREAM NO. 146: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Wednesday, 16th February, 1988.

(At college), Mr. X. saw that a Muslim boy was performing Salaat, prostrating to Allah Most High. Mr. X. then gave (part of) his earnings to his mother197 and spoke to her. A (beautiful) young lady saw Mr. X. care for his mother (in this way). She looked at Mr. X., who had become attractive to her, with a romantic gaze.

DREAM NO. 147: MR. Z.’s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. Z. heard laughter. This was coming from the graves of Mr. M.A. and his two sisters.

Context: Mr. M.A. and his two sisters had died in a vehicle crash, on a snowy and icy day, on a motorway. Mr. X. and his brother, Mr. Z., were shocked to hear of the deaths—they knew Mr. MA. and his family. Mr. X. did not feel much regret for Mr. M.A. because he knew that this friend, aged only about twenty-five at the time of his death, was an excellent and religious person. Mr. MA. would perform the Salaat regularly, also rising up for the Fajr (early morning) prayer. He spent long and tedious hours helping his father in their work. He never complained of, or shirked, the extremely hard work. He donated a high sum of money for charity. Mr. Z.’s dream suggests that, in the light of their characters and righteous deeds, the graves of Mr. M.A. and his sisters were pleasant homes, benefiting from the Reward of Allah Almighty, and not punishment. (Allah Almighty knows best—His Exalted Majesty is the doer of what He will. We can only speculate and hope for His Mercy on the basis of His noble qualities.)

DREAM NO. 148: MR. A.’s DREAM.
Wednesday, 17th February, 1988.

Mr. X and Mr. A. were in Paradise. They were wearing white clothes, and were drinking from the River of Milk. All of a sudden, Mr. X. fell into this river and when he came out, his face and body were sparkling (with rays of light). When he saw this, Mr. A. said, "Subhaanallah" (Glory be to Allah Most High).

DREAM NO. 149: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Thursday, 25th February, 1988.

Mr. X. and a friend were near an airport runway, watching aeroplanes take flight. They saw an aeroplane gather speed and gradually soar into the air, at an angle. A second aeroplane did the same, with a little more difficulty. While they were watching a third aeroplane lift off, Mr. X. began to feel frightened. He had an uncomfortable feeling that something terrible might happen. The aeroplane managed to leave the ground, but it did not fly upwards—there was a sudden jerk, and it plummeted to the ground. There was an awful and spectacular explosion—the aeroplane was now a huge bonfire. Mr. X. and his friend felt terror and awe at the Might, Majesty and Ability of Allah Almighty. Mr. X. recited: "ASTAGHFIRULLAH INALLAHA GHAFOORUL RAHIM (I seek forgiveness of Allah Almighty; surely Allah forgives often, and is Merciful)."198

DREAM NO. 150: MR. Z.’s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. Z. was doing Dbikr. He was reflecting on, and contemplating, the Power of His Exalted Majesty, the Sovereign Allah Almighty. The sky was changing from a dark blue colour (in which was mixed a misty black) to an unimaginable crimson, the lightest of its kind.199 Mr. Z. then contrasted the sky with the land, and once more gazed at the sky. Allah Almighty gave a Message to him: "Only fear Me, because only I can make this happen."

Mr. Z. was given a great deal of faith from Allah’s Message—his belief in the Might and Glory of Allah was reinforced.

Sunday, 13th March, 1988.

Mr. A. saw a hen being sacrificed in the name of Allah Almighty. A voice said, "ALLAH HOO AKBAR" (Allah is great), and the hen was made "Halal" (lawful), and dedicated to Allah Almighty.

DREAM NO. 152: MR. X.’s DREAM.
April, 1988.

Lynda’s parents came to the house of Mr. X. and met his parents. They regretted that the tuition had been cancelled. They asked, pleaded with, Mr. X. to restart private tuition with their daughter. Lynda’s parents spoke to Mr. X. in a humble manner, with great respect, and with warmth. Mr. X. replied that, although he would have liked to tutor their daughter again, this was not now possible—there really was no room for her in his timetable, which was full.

Context: Lynda (15 years old) was one of Mr. X.’s pupils. Mr. X. had made her aware of an Islamic work which he had, himself, written (although the tuition was in secondary school mathematics), and had lent her the work to study. Mr. X. did want to try to convert this pupil from Roman Catholicism to Islam. Subsequently, quite probably at the request of the pupil herself, Lynda’s mother canceled the tuition lessons. Mr. X. was both surprised and hurt. However, he felt glad that this loss had been inflicted in the way of Islam.200

DREAM NO. 153: Y.’ss DREAM.
April, 1988.

There was a wedding ceremony, and Y. was married to Mr. X. After this marriage, Y. proclaimed the Adhan in a clear and loud voice. The Adhan (Call to Salaat) was so pleasant that the land, sky and nature itself celebrated their hearing of it.

DREAM NO. 154: MR. M.R.’s DREAM.
The Holy Month Of Ramadhan, 1988.

Mr. M.R. was tutored by Mr. X. He sat tests, and passed the entrance examination for entry into "Leafy Trees" Grammar School in Manchester. (Mr. X. also had good news for himself.) Mr. X. came to teach privately in Mr. M.R.’s home, as usual, that Friday afternoon at 4:30. Mr. X. said, "Guess what? I’m going to ‘Leafy Trees’ Grammar School." (Mr. M.R.) "As a pupil?" (Mr. X.) "No, as a teacher." (Mr. M.R.) "Who are your pupils?" (Mr. X.) "I don’t know."

(The next day?) an information slip was posted in Mr. M.R.’s house, and it informed him to go to Mr. X.’s class, since quite a few Muslims would be in it.

The classes began (the very first term). On the very first day, Mr. M.R. was the last person to enter the classroom—he was late. Mr. X. forgave Mr. M.R., since he already knew the latter from the private tuition lessons. Mr. M.R. said, "Good Morning—my name is Mr. M.R." Mr. X. replied, "I am very strict—if you do anything wrong, I’ll break your neck!" He then added, "(I have never, ever taught in ‘Leafy Trees’ Grammar School before)."

(In the lesson), Mr. X. began to show to the class his collections of letters from all sorts of institutions (schools, colleges, Universities, public and national and international libraries). The letters were mainly "Thank You" letters, acknowledging Mr. X.’s donation of his Islamic works. Mr. X. said to his class, "I’m sorry that I couldn’t (was not able to) bring any of my Islamic works to show you—they’re so brilliant!" (meaning that he could not retrieve even one copy or original, since they were being used by people and institutions and organisations so eagerly and with such great interest).201

DREAM NO. 155: MR. X.’s DREAM.
15th Night of the Holy Month of Ramadhan, 1988
(2nd May, 1988).

It was time of sunrise (dawn). The sun, an undescribable brilliant-orange colour (it looked immense and powerful), was rising slowly above the horizon. Mr. X. and his brother, Mr. Z., witnessed this dawn. Mr. X. advised his brother, with emotion. He said, "Read something!" (Mr. X. meant, "Glorify the Might and Majesty of Allah Almighty by reading an Islamic prayer in Arabic which praises His Sovereignty202 and Absolute Power.")

DREAM NO. 156: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Ramadhan, 1988 (2nd May, 1988).

Mr. X. dreamt that, before he wrote his Islamic works, he was in (spiritual) darkness but, after writing them, he was in the light.203

DREAM NO. 157: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. poured tea for his sisters into goblets of silver.

DREAM NO. 158: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X.’s next-door neighbours came to visit him in his own room. They looked very happy, and were pleased to meet him. (Mr. X. had sent to these neighbours his Islamic books to read.)204

DREAM NO. 159: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. was in a beautiful, reddish woodland. Bright reddish leaves lay scattered on the reddish grass. There were reddish trees everywhere. The woodland looked aristocratic, delightful and exotic. In this setting, Mr. X. was throwing bread to reddish pigeons and they ate happily and eagerly.

Context: Mr. X. threw bread, which would otherwise have been wasted, to pigeons in the back garden, whenever he could. Why throw away bread when other creatures can benefit?

DREAM NO. 160: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Last Friday of the Holy Month of Ramadhan, 1988
(13th May, 1988).

Mr. X. threw a large piece of freshly-baked bread onto long, green grass. A sparrow came promptly, picked up the whole piece from a corner with its beak, and began to eat it. Other birds also came, and began to eat other pieces of bread.205

Tuesday night, l4th June, 1988.

(Miss N., Mr. Z. and Mr. X. Are Brothers and Sisters)

It was the day of Mr. Z.’s wedding. The family were in a Mosque which was the venue for the wedding. Everyone was dressed in extremely smart raiment. Mr. Z. and his brother, Mr. X., both wore black suits. The former with a red handkerchief in his top pocket, and the latter with a white one. Millions of guests were at the wedding, and Miss N. did not know them at all. Some of them were moving about, causing bright colours to flash. (In due course) the Maulvi, or Muslim priest, arrived, and it was at this time that Miss N. noticed the immensely huge dome of the Mosque, which was so lofty (and elegant) that it reminded one of Paradise. The Maulvi read the "Nikah" (Marriage Sermon): Mr. Z.’s bride said "Yes" and so too did Mr. Z.

The wedding food was ordinary, but not the water—it was different—like liquid glitter. Miss N. noticed that this water was exceptional because it issued forth a fragrance such as roses, and tasted both flowery and of honey. Its light dazzled the eyes. Mr. X. did not eat any food—he poured and drank the water over and over again. Miss N. said: "He’s drinking it (so much)—I’ll have some (too)." Mr. X. was congratulating his brother, Mr. Z., on the wedding, saying for example, "I’m very happy for you, my brother!"

Mr. Z.’s wife was wearing bright-red (wedding) clothes, with a golden dupatta. She wore much assorted, beautiful jewellery—rings, earrings and necklace included.

On the palms of their hands, Mr. Z. and Mr. X. wore Mehndi (Henna), of differing colours and patterns. On Mr. X.’s palm, the pattern was designed in the name of "Allah" () and on Mr. Z.’s palm in the name of "Ali" () (may Allah all-high be pleased with him). In the course of the wedding feast, Mr. Z. and Mr. X. were enthusiastic in mutual Dhikr, the remembrance of Allah, and they were complimenting, and admiring the Power and Glory of Allah Almighty.

Translation of the Islamic Wedding Sermon:

"All praise is due to Allah and we praise Him and we beseech His Help and we ask His Protection and we betake Allah’s Refuge from the evils of our animal life and from the bad results of our actions. Whom Allah guides, there is none to misguide him, and whom Allah pleases to lead astray, there is none to guide him, and I bear witness that Muhammed was His servant and apostle."

"O ye who believe! Be careful of (your duty to) Allah with the care which is due to Him, and die not unless you are Muslims."

"O people! Be careful of (your duty to) your Lord, who created you from a single being and created its mate of the same (kind) and spread from these two many men and women, and be careful of (your duty to) Allah, by whom you demand one of another your (rights) and (the ties of) relationship; surely Allah ever watches over you."

"0 ye who believe! Be careful of (your duty to) Allah and speak the right word. He will put your deeds into a right state for you and forgive you your faults; and whoever obeys Allah and His Apostle, he has indeed achieved mighty success."

DREAM NO. 162. Y ‘s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Y. was riding on a camel on her way to Hajj. All around her was nothing but sand—she was travelling in a vast desert. The camel ran at speed—it was even faster than a train. (Soon) the camel arrived at Holy Mecca and allowed Y. to descend amid the beautiful, crowded streets and marketplaces of this Holy City. The camel (then) made its way (elsewhere).

DREAM NO. 163: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. received a letter, which acknowledged the donation of an Islamic work which he had himself written, from a primary school.206 The beautiful writing was of solid silver, so that it was impressed onto the paper. It looked powerful and aristocratic.207

DREAM NO. 164: Y.’s DREAM.
Wednesday, 22nd June, 1988.

Y. was offered assorted and delicious snacks by Mr. X. They were beautiful and "special"—ones that Y. had never, ever seen before. On seeing them, Y. marvelled at the Power and Glory of Allah Almighty, who can create sustenance as He pleases for His creatures in many forms, colours, shapes and sizes.208

DREAM NO. 165: Y.’s DREAM.
Friday, 24th June, 1988.

A child was dying. He was suffering (with pain), wriggling and writhing. Y. came by. She did not know the little boy. The child spoke: "To (save my life) pick a rose (from a bush) and, with its stem, (touch) my cheek three times Y. did this correctly (at last). ‘While she touched the little boy’s cheek with the rose stem, she recited a verse, or verses, from the Holy Quran. As a result, the child was actually healed.

DREAM NO. 166: Y.’s DREAM.
Friday, l5th July, 1988.

Y. saw two or three photographs in colour. (She was able to recall one of them.) It was of Mr. X. and a young lady who seemed, to Y., to be Mr. X.’s wife. The couple looked very happy. Moreover, Mr. X. looked very handsome, and his wife very beautiful. She was wearing a "crown" (the head-dress jewellery) in her hair, a necklace, and round earrings, which hung quite low. These were adorned with gold and (pearls). Y. saw this photograph for just one second, merely with one glance, and it became blank. On this "photograph" then appeared verses in Arabic (almost certainly verses from the Holy Quran).

Dates unrecorded.

On a number of occasions in her pregnancies, Mrs. N.S. dreamt a similar type of dream. This lady has five children. In the past when she had two children, she was expecting her third child. She dreamt that she saw three leaves falling from a tree. The names of her two born children were written on each of two leaves, but the third leaf was blank. While she was expecting her fourth child, in her dream, four leaves fell from a tree. The names of her three born children were written on each of the three leaves, but the fourth leaf was blank. When she was expecting her fifth child, in her dream, five leaves fell from a tree. The names of her four born children were written on each of the four leaves, but the fifth leaf was blank.209

(Narrated to the author by the eleven year-old daughter of Mrs. N.S.)

DREAM NO. 168: MR. X.’s DREAM.
July, 1988.

The Imam of Cheetham Hill Mosque, and his assistant, came to visit Mr. X. at his home. When they entered the front room, Mr. X. was surprised to discover that it had been transformed into a (much more) beautiful room, and more aristocratically furnished (perhaps in the honour of the noble visitors).

July, 1988.

Mr. X. and his companion were "floating" in the sky, at a tremendous height. In the distance, they could see Allah’s House (the Holy Ka’ba at Holy Mecca). That distance could have been about forty or fifty miles. They wished to fly to the Ka’ba, but they sensed that there was danger, since they would be able to fly only a short distance, before becoming tired, and falling to the ground from exhaustion. Thus, they were tantalisingly near the Holy Ka’ba, but both of them knew firmly that they would not be able to reach this sacred monument. The Ka’ba looked Holy, inviting and as if it sent forth a wonderful and beautiful attraction. (Please note that July 1988 was Dhu Al-Hijjah, or the month of Hajj and Eid Ul-Adha.)

DREAM NO. 170: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Thursday, 8th September, 1988.

Mr. X. advised his older sister to remember the Holy Prophet (May the Peace and Blessings of Allah be upon Him), so that she would not suffer the occurrence of nightmares. (In the dream, Mr. X. learnt that his older sister was suffering from such painful, satanic dreams, and so he gave the above, important advice.)

DREAM NO. 171: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Monday, 12th September, 1988.

Mr. X. and his brother, Mr. Z., were performing Salaat in a Mosque. Mr. X. was reading four rakah of Sunnah Salaat after the Jummah prayer. After they had finished, Mr. X. approached the Imam of the Mosque, and shook his hand.

DREAM NO. 172: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Friday, 16th September, 1988.

Mr. X. received the message that the reward for giving, outright, most of one’s earning to parent(s) is entry to Paradise, and the wearing of a robe (of honour, of dignity, of redemption and of reward), of differing and changing colours, in it.210

Friday, 23rd September, 1988.

The Islamic Engagement:

Mr. X. entered a room in which his brother, Mr. Z., and two of his sisters, Miss N. and Miss Nd., were sitting. The room itself was very spacious, and (well-) decorated with cream-coloured and red-flowered wallpaper. Mr. X. said, "I’ve got the decorations," and he held them high. His brother and two sisters began to laugh, and by seeing the decorations, Miss N. "automatically" knew that it was the occasion of Mr. Z.’s engagement.

(Upstairs), Mr. X.’s wife and older sister, Mrs. Rn., were (helping Mr. Z.’s fiancée do her hair, make-up, dressing, and so on).

Mr. X. stood on a very high stool and said to Miss N.: "Let’s put them (the decorations) up, now." Miss N. was passing the decorations, and Mr. X. was hammering them (into the walls). The decorations were of "lovely, lovely colours, so bright; the colours of this world are dull" in comparison to them. (Hanging up) the decorations took a long time.

The Mr. X. said: "Let’s eat." (lo celebrate the engagement), there was an immense pot of steaming, sweet, saffron-coloured rice. We all (tasted little amounts). Everyone was eating, and the dream ended.

Note: Mr. Z.’s mother was dressed in sparkling and all-white clothes. (See note to Dream No. 145), and she seemed like "an angel (in character)."

The setting of the dream was of this world, but the beauty of the colours in it was that of the Hereafter (Life after death).

Instilled into Miss N. was a feeling of happiness even after she had woken up.

Date unrecorded.

The Devil came in Lisa’s dream, and urged her not to believe in God Almighty. But God helped Lisa by giving her courage, and she refused to be led astray by the Devil—she knew of God’s presence, and wanted to believe in Him.

Context: Lisa was one of Mr. X.’s pupils. He had told her about religious dreams, and had asked her to report any that she might have.

March, 1986.

Philip and Mr. X. both lived in golden castles and one day they started to argue (over who was better than whom). Then they started war and Philip sent spies over Mr. X.’s wall. Mr. X. won the first war—he had millions more men than Philip (the men in the armies wore completely golden armour). Then the second war began. Mr. X. won again, although this time Philip and Mr. X. had the same number of men. In the wars, the men were fighting with iron metals and spears, but their horses—real unicorns, shining with the light—were wearing golden ‘things.’ Then the third war began in the middle of the night (the other two had begun in the morning). Philip captured Mr. X.’s men (it was a rout). Mr. X. was saved by Philip’s sister; she was about sixteen years of age, veiy beautiful, and she was wearing diamonds, rubies and real, big pearls. She galloped on horseback, and came to Mr. X’s castle. Mr. X. jumped onto the horse (behind her), and they went off. Philip never saw her again. Then the dream ended.

Context: Philip was one of Mr. X.’s pupils. Mr. X. informed him that, in order to benefit from good dreams, remembrance of God was necessary. Philip also used to regularly glance through, and talk about, Mr. X.’s letters. The above dream was probably the result of Mr. X.’s influence, which proved its point to Philip, for the pupil was most satisfied with such a pleasant, and rare, dream.

DREAM NO. 176: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Thursday, l9th January, 1989.

A large envelope arrived from China211 for Mr. X. When he opened it, Mr. X. found that it contained snacks from China, sent to him as a gift. But Mr. X. was not sure if the snacks were Halal (lawful to eat, with regard to Islam) or not, so he looked at their ingredients. However, some of the ingredients were written in Chinese (others were written in English), so Mr. X. could not understand whether they were Halal or not. Therefore, Mr. X. looked at the snacks, and concentrated, waiting to know what his soul felt, what his Rub told him. Mr. X.’s conscience told him that the snacks were pure, and free from Haram (forbidden to eat, with regard to Islam) ingredients, and so Mr. X. ate the snacks.

DREAM NO. 177: MR. X..’s DREAM.
Date unrecorded.

Mr. X. was in the company of K.212 While they were together, she said something to the effect that (Islam would not be as successful as it is now, had it not been for the exploits of Turkey). The exact words cannot be remembered.

Interpretation: Indeed the contribution of Turkey to the success of Islam is commendable, and the reader can benefit from fuller details by consulting books on the subjects of The Crusades and the Ottoman Empire.

The Holy Month of Ramadhan, 1989.

In the morning, I...went to school, and I was fasting as well. At playtime, I told another pupil that (according to Islamic tradition) whoever dies in the Holy Month of Ramadhan (is forgiven his sins by Allah Almighty, provided that he or she is a Moslem) and goes straight to Paradise, without any punishment.

The next day, this stupid boy smuggled a knife from home and showed it to me and said, "Look! I have got a really sharp knife and I am going to kill myself." (He wanted to go to Paradise by doing this.) Just at that moment, an angel came (it’s invisible, but you feel its presence) and said, "If you stop him from committing suicide, you will get all his good deeds, and go to Paradise."

I ran to the stupid boy, and stopped him by holding his arm. He had grasped the knife so tightly that it slipped out of his hand and dropped to the ground.

After a few months, I had a heart attack, and died. In my coffin, I heard the Adhan for Maghrib prayer and began to perform the Wudhu. The.. .angel who had advised me before, after visiting me in my coffin, went into Heaven and told Allah Almighty (though He is All-Knowing):

"That boy is pious and is reading the Salaat. One day he saved the life of a stupid boy."

After everyone had died, the world had come to an end and the day of Judgement was in progress. My turn came to cross the Pul Siraat. I did not fall into the Hell fire, and went across safely.

Afterwards, I saw a golden fruit-bearing tree, which was beautiful. I wanted to eat the fruits, and they came into my hand of their own accord. The fruits were delightful. I felt thirsty and went to a stream of sugar-water, and at the side of it were golden glasses. I thought: "I would like to drink this sugar-water (I desired it)." The cup filled itself, and I picked it up and drank the sugar-water. It tasted really nice. Near the stream was a sort of park which contained golden furniture—benches, tables, chairs and cushions.

When I woke up, it was Sehr (the time for eating before the beginning of the fast).

Context: Suicide is a horrendous and despicable sin in Islam.

DREAM NO. 179: MR. X.’s DREAM.
The Holy Month of Ramadhan, April, 1989.

Mr. N.A. telephoned Mr. X. and advised him: "You should fast even if you are ill."

Context: In Islam, fasting is compulsory and, in the event of illness, the missed fasts must be kept after the Holy Month. The above dream suggests, however, that if one knew just how beneficial fasting is, one would fast even in the event of illness or suffering. (In this Holy Month, Mr. X. really was afflicted by illness.)

DREAM NO. 180: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Date unrecorded. (c. Spring 1989)

This was a beautiful dream, full of the emotion of goodwill, and a feeling of warmth and blessing. Mr. X. dreamt that one of his Hindu pupils was on the death-bed, with his death obviously forthcoming. Mr. X. converted this pupil from Hinduism to Islam, and then the boy died.

Date unrecorded.

It was the night possibly before Eid. Mr. Z., Miss N.’s brother, decided to go to the Mosque on behalf of the family, to find out whether the new moon had been seen, and whether therefore, it would be the day of Eid.

Miss N. was designing henna patterns on the hands of her other brother, Mr. X. (in preparation for the joyous occasion of Eid).

DREAM NO. 182: MR. X.’s DREAM.
Wednesday, 2lst June, 1989.

Mr. X. was trying to draw a Mosque, and he was trying to make its features, for example the minarets, symmetrical. Mr. X. was also trying to write Arabic verses (probably from the Holy Quran), but he was having difficulty in identifying the letters to be copied, and in deciding how they were to be pronounced. In the same dream, someone donated a rose for the sake of Islam, and finally Mr. X. gave a pen as a gift to someone else. The recipient said to him: "You are (very) kind."

Note: These were a series of small dreams of the same night.

DREAM NO. 183: Y.’s DREAM.
Friday, 9th December, 1989.

A son was born to Y. and the father was Mr. X. The baby was small and cute. He had rosy cheeks and was given the name, "Bin Abbas Hussein." A Maulvi, or Imam, came to the house and performed the Adhan in the child’s ear. The Imam had a feeling that the child would grow up to do very many righteous deeds so, to the despair of Y., he took the child with him, to be trained in Islam. Abbas was taken to a ‘Madrassah,’ or Islamic Academy, which was of a beautiful, pink colour and in which grew exotic date palms.

November, 1991.

Mr. X. was in a mansion which had no limit of floors, and which contained many servants. He was younger and more handsome than in worldly life. He was quite rich and wore a suit and shoes of gold. He was discussing (important matters) with influential people.

Mr. X.’s wife was (instructing) the maids in the kitchen. She was very pretty and was wearing bracelets of gold. She had long, blonde hair and a slim figure. One could certainly tell that she was a very sincere and pious Muslim.


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