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From Dr. Umar Azam to British Newspapers
Letter No. 1354i Date: 25th May 2000

At long last the Serbs responsible for committing atrocities in Bosnia and Kosovo are being charged for war crimes in The Hague. For this, credit is due to the determined quartet of [Prime Minister] Tony Blair, [Foreign Secretary] Robin Cook, [President] Clinton and [Defence Secretary] Madeleine Albright.

But Douglas Hurd ought to be tried alongside the Serbs. When he was Foreign Secretary, under John Major, the Serbs were committing atrocity after atrocity against Muslim and Croat in places such as Banja Luka but, each time, Hurd remained adamant that British troops could not help the civilians against slaughter, because British troops would be Ďat riskí. Hurd constantly argued with newspaper and television reporters, who wanted something done.

I suspect the Serbs bribed Hurd for, as soon as he left his post as Foreign Secretary, he began a lucrative job in a Serb bank. Well, Hurd has got his blood money! The Americans wanted to intervene but were constantly rebuffed by Hurd, so they did not take any action, unwilling as they were to act unilaterally.

How many of the bereaved in Bosnia and Croatia must be cursing Douglas Hurd! That man must have a heart of stone! John Major deserves blame too for not dismissing Hurd for acting culpably!

New Labour in Britain and the Democrats in America, whatever critics may say of their other policies, are to be congratulated for their foreign policy: they had the audacity and resolve to right a wrong and actually bomb Yugoslavia. This has sent a message to the Serbs, and indeed the world, that depravity in military conflicts will not be tolerated by the USA, Britain and the rest of the civilised world [and our current role in Sierra Leone is similarly to be applauded].

Baroness Thatcher was absolutely correct to say that British and American intervention in the Balkans came woefully late, and for this Douglas Hurd is primarily responsible. This one man is accountable for hundreds of thousands of casualties, and the untold suffering of millions, in Bosnia and Croatia, over a number of years!

Yours sincerely, Dr. Umar Azam

PS. Many congratulations to Tony and Cherie Blair on the birth of Leo!


Letter No. 1356 Date: 27 May 2000

Dear Prime Minister Blair,

I would like to congratulate New Labour, and specifically both yourself and Robin Cook, on its caring foreign policy.

You may be interested to see the enclosed copy of a letter I have been sending to newspapers [L13541J. I am so pleased that New Labourís policy has differed enormously from the uncaring one pursued by the stone-hearted Douglas Hurd.

Keep up the great work!

Yours sincerely,
Dr Umar Azam

PS Congratulations on the birth of Leo; I share the delight of both yourself and Cherie Blair!

Letter No. L1357 Date: 27 May 2000

Dear Robin Cook,

I am writing simultaneously to you and Prime Minister Blair to congratulate New Labour on a caring Foreign policy which physically stamps out oppression. You Have done, and are doing, a good job in Kosovo; the same is the case with Sierra Leone.

I wish New Labour was in power in the Early 1990s; if this had been the case, many thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of lives would have been saved in Bosnia. I am sure that you would have authorised troops to go in and prevent the massacres of Muslims and Croats by Serbs. Douglas Hurd failed to do this [please see copy of correspondence that I have been sending to newspapers]. Well done and keep up the good work!

Yours sincerely,
Dr Umar Azam, Author

From Dr. Umar Azam to the MUSLIM SOLIDARITY COMMITTEE, New Malden, Surrey
Letter No. L1358 Date: 27 May 2000

Dear Brother-in Islam,

Assalamu Alaikum

I was pleased to see in the MUSLIM DIRECTORY that your organisationís functions are noted as follows: ĎUmbrella organisation lobbying governments, the UN & OIC regarding Muslim causes i.e. Kosovo, Sudan etc.í You seem to be doing very valuable work for Islam. Is it possible for you to send me copies of some of your correspondence with the UN etc? I am interested to learn more of your work. For this reason, I am sending you a copy of a letter [L13541] that I have been circulating to British newspapers and Government figures regarding Douglas Hurd, the former Foreign Secretary in John Majorís government. My letter is justifiably very critical of him. Please let me have your comments on it and if you could suggest some UN and other addresses to post this letter to, it would be appreciated.

Yours-in Islam,


PS. I am currently distributing free copies of a booklet entitled VISION OF PARADISE. If you would like to receive a free copy/copies, please let me know in your correspondence.

From Dr.Umar Azam to THE EDITOR, MANCHESTER IMAGE [NEWSPAPER], BLACKBURNLetter No. 1360 Date: 7 June 2000

Dear Editor,

Assalamu Alaikum

It is very pleasing to see that the murderous Serb military leaders, who perpetrated atrocities against Muslim and Croat civilians in Bosnia, are being tried, at last, in The Hague. They deserve to be severely punished, ideally to be hanged.

But Douglas Hurd, the former Foreign Secretary under John Major, should be tried too, and made to answer for his policy. His failure to send in British troops meant the annihilation and expulsion of hundreds of thousands of helpless people.

Hurd constantly rebuffed the media, reporters who wanted action to be taken to stop the carnage, and the US government was also told that military action was not an option, although America desperately wanted to do something about the appalling massacres.

Once he left his position in the cabinet, Hurd began a lucrative job in a Serb bank. He started to work for the same Serbs who had been butchering civilians. Was he bribed by the Serbs with offers of a good job if he didnít send in the troops? I think so.

How could he collaborate with the Serbs, who are historically Britainís enemies? Remember, they were responsible for the outbreak of World War I, when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by a Serb named Gustav Princip, a member of Serbiaís ĎBlack Hand Gangí of terrorists. In this light, I would even go as far to say that Hurd is a traitor to the British cause.

Tony Blair and Robin Cook have been brave enough to send in the troops to Kosovo, and the fact that the lives of British soldiers have not been wasted makes nonsense of Hurdís argument and obstinate reluctance. Well done, New Labour!

I hope Hurd has a guilty conscience for the rest of his life and that he can be made to answer for his criminal actions.


Yours sincerely
Dr Umar Azam BA, PhD

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